EnEd 4996 Internship in Outdoor and Environmental Education


Course Information

The purpose of this internship is for students to spend an entire semester applying and refining their academic and field training in a real-world, professional setting.  This internship experience involves not only the actual experience, but reflecting on and learning from the experience through related assignments.  This is a final, capstone experience, similar to a student-teaching experience for those preparing to become classroom teachers.  Internships are worth 12 credits and carry an equivalent workload of 40 hours/week for 15 weeks (600 hours).  Internships should be completed within a single semester.  Your internship will typically be your last semester of the program.

1.  Planning your Internship

2.  Registering for your Internship:  After submitting the signed original plus three copies of the "Agreement of Affiliation" to your advisor, you will be given a permission number to register for your internship.  You need to register for all credits for the term that you are actually doing your internship.  If you internship will be in a site further than 75 miles from Duluth, ask your advisor for a Request for Waiver of Student Service Fee.

3.  Professional Expectations during your Internship

4.  Assignments during your Internship

5.  Grading:  Internships are currently graded as pass/no-pass.  NOTE:  Failure to submit completed work according to the timeline specified with each assignment (with the last due date being the end of Week 15) will result in a "no-

pass" grade; you will be required to repeat your internship if you receive a "no-pass" grade!

Examples of Student Work


*Work has been posted with the generous permission of the students

Patrick Hair, Glacier National Park

     Program Outlines:  Goodbye Glaciers  and Nighttime Sounds

     Research Project:  Analysis of Informal Visitor Contacts

     Synthesis/Reflection Paper





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