EnEd 4996 Planning your Internship




The quality of your internship is essential, thus it is important that you and your advisor carefully select a site that will provide a good learning experience, quality mentoring, and a match between what you hope to learn from your internship.  Do not commit to an agency or organization until you have met with your advisor!

1.  Think about your strengths, areas you'd like to improve, career goals, and the type of position or organization you see yourself working in the future.  Develop objectives for what you'd like to gain through your internship experience. 

2.  Using electronic lists of internships, web search engines, and networking with your peers, supervisors, and instructors, develop a list of 5 or 6 potential sites.  (See links below for exploring potential sites.)

3.  Meet with your advisor to discuss your objectives, strengths/areas to improve, and career goals.  Share your potential sites with your advisor.  Be prepared to share how you think the sites you've selected could help you achieve your objectives or goals for your internship.  Ideally this happens one year prior to your internship.

4.  Attend a pre-internship meeting the semester before you plan to complete your internship; pre-internship meetings will be held once a semester. 

5.  Apply to the site that you and your advisor have agreed upon as the best fit for your internship experience.  While many organizations and agencies may have a specific application process (and even a competitive one), others will not.  In your initial inquiry, make sure the organization or agency to which you plan to apply understands the requirements for your internship (15 weeks, 40 hours/week, with an emphasis on outdoor education, environmental education, or natural resource management; requirement of additional related assignments that should be completed during work time; you might want to share with them the information from the "Professional Expectations During Your Internship" page).  In some cases, it may be helpful for your advisor to contact your potential internship site to make sure they understand our program's expectations for the internship.  You may want to apply for more than one internship, depending on the competitiveness of your site's internship program.  Your application should be submitted to your site one semester prior to your internship semester.  Keep in mind that many sites will have their own internship deadlines!

6.  Once you are accepted at your site (after successfully applying for your internship), and after your advisor has confirmed that the site will offer the type of educational experience needed for the internship requirements, you will provide your advisor with your site's address, supervior's name, and internship dates.  Your advisor will work with your site to complete the Agreement of Affiliation, which defines the agreement between the University of MN and your internship site (click on "Affliliation Agreement," NOT the CSD or Social Work specific form).  A total of THREE copies of the agreement with ORIGINAL signatures will be needed prior to registration for your internship.  Once the agreement is in place, you will receive a permission number to register for EnEd 4996.


Links for Exploring Potential Internship Sites and Opportunities


UMD's CEED  Job and Internship Page

Student Conservation Association Internships

SEEK: MN's EE Resource Directory

EE-Link (a national web-based directory of EE resources)

North American Association for Environmental Education

Association for Experiential Education's Job Clearing House



Last Updated: February 18, 2008