EnEd 5100 Research Design and Methods in the Social Sciences


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This course provides an overview of the designs, methods, and processes used in social science research. Course content includes the following topics: Developing a purpose statement and research questions; conceptualization, operationalization, and measurement of variables; choosing and using human research subjects; experimental research; survey research; qualitative field research; unobtrusive research; and the research proposal.  Content in this course will be approached through readings, lectures, discussions, and exercises.  You will be asked to apply content through the development of a research proposal that could guide your master’s level research project.  While your research question and methods may likely change as you progress through the program, applying content through this research proposal development assignment serves as a way to make rather abstract concepts more concrete.  It also provides an opportunity (and encourages you) to get a start on your final project/research/thesis work.



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Last Updated: September 8, 2011