EnEd 5625  Program Development and Evaluation


Course Information

This course provides an introduction to the theory and techniques of program development and evaluation of environmental education programs.  It is designed for those who will be working in leadership or supervisory capacities to gain skills in conducting needs assessments, designing programs, and conducting formative and summative evaluations of these programs.  Students will work collectively to practice and apply these skills in a real-world context - evaluating an existing environmental education program.  This course culminates in the individual development of a fundable proposal for an EE program that outlines the phases in the program development and evaluation process.  Note: this course assumes that you have had previous academic and/or work experience in EE and are familiar with the foundations of EE.



Course Readings (available via Moodle)



Online Evaluation Resource Library

American Evaluation Association

Compendium of Assessment and Research Tools

Environmental Education Evaluation Resource Assistant (MEERA)






Last Updated: May 9, 2011