Ecological Genetics

Biol 5240

Quick Quiz Questions


Houde, Fraser and Hutchings. 2010. Reduced anti-predator responses in multi-generational hybrids of farmed and wild Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) Conservation Genetics 11:78579


1.      Given that the demand for fish from the growing human population is expected to continue, it may seem prudent to shift production from wild-caught fish to farmed fished. What is the hidden danger and is it a problem for every fish species? Why or why not?

2.      Use your ecological genetics toolkit to think about a specific experiment you might do to diagnose a problem with respect to farm-raised and wild-caught salmon in the wild. Any question (e.g. from the introduction) is fine. Molecular or quantitative genetic approach is fine.

3.      What approach did the authors use to diagnose differences in:

a.      In anti-predator responses

b.      The degree of potential spread in the wild

4.      Did all traits related to anti-predator response diverge between wild and farm-raised salmon? Give some reasons why a trait might not evolve in this context.