Ecological Genetics

Biol 5240

Quick Quiz Questions


Vila et al.2003. Rescue of a severely bottlenecked wolf (Canis lupus) population by a single immigrant. Proc. R. Soc. Lond. B 270:91-97.

  1. Even though we expect a loss of genetic diversity in small populations and predict that immigration will relieve inbreeding depression, why is there so little empirical evidence that supports this hypothesis?  Why was it possible to obtain this information to fill this gap in our knowledge in this study system?
  2. What would Figure 1 have looked like if there had not been immigration?  Why?  Redraw Fig.1 a and b to illustrate your point.
  3. What evidence is presented to support the hypothesis that there was close inbreeding after the extinct population was refounded by a single female?
  4. What value was there of having different kinds of molecular markers in this study?
  5. How does your opinion about the value of genetic mixing in this study compare to your opinion about the value of genetic mixing in the endangered Goodeid fish?