Moodle Directions


1)      If you don’t already have it, you must first download the Mozilla Firefox web browser, available free at


2)  Go to website using Firefox as your browser or click on  Moodle link on the course web page


3)      Log in using your University ID and password


4)      Select the Biol 4802 Evolution course from your available courses.  This takes you to the course Moodle page where you can upload assignments, submit in class poll answers, and read class information on the News Feed


5)      If you are having technical difficulties please inform the TA as soon as possible to ensure that you won’t lose points unnecessarily this semester


To upload assignments:


1)      Assignments must be typed using a word processing document before they can be uploaded.  Please use Microsoft Word, or your assignment might not be readable for grading. 


2)  At the top your file, make sure to include the assignment number (e.g. Evolution: Assignment 13) and the people who helped prepare the answer (e.g. Students: Jo Snell, Emily Parkins, and Beth McNeel).


3)  Log into Moodle

 4)  Click on the appropriate assignment link from the week the assignment is due


5)   Notice on this page that there are dates that this assignment is available from, and a date and time that this assignment is due.  Assignments will not be accepted by Moodle after this time on this date, so be sure to take this into consideration


6)       Push the “Browse” button on the next page and locate your assignment on your computer


7)      Once you have selected your file push the “Open” button.  Please make sure this is the correct file before uploading it


8)      Push the “Upload this file” button to upload your assignment


9)      After this assignment has been corrected, grades and comments will be accessible from this page

 To answer a discussion question, peer review, and revise: