Weider et al. Long-term genetic shifts in a microcrustacean egg bank associated with anthropogenic changes in the Lake Constance ecosystem.Proc. R. Soc. Longd. B 264: 1613-1618


Hairston et al. 1999. Rapid evolution revealed by dormant eggs.Nature 401:446



1.      Why are organisms with dormant propagules useful for studying microevolutionary change?

2.      Would emergence of organisms form the egg or seed bank enhance or retard adaptive evolutionary change?Justify your answer.

3.      How did genetic diversity change over time in each of these papers and what is the putative agent of selection?

4.      Why canít the changes that were observed be attributed to random genetic change (drift)?

5.      In what ways does the second paper provide stronger support for evolutionary change of Daphnia specifically in response to eutrophication?