SCSE Executive Committee


Mission Statement

The primary responsbilities of the Executive Committee are to:

  1. is to oversee the activities of the SCSE College committees
  2. receive petitions and complaints of violation of the constitution
  3. set the agenda for SCSE Assembly meetings


Dan Pope, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering;Hua Tang, UMD Electrical/Computer Engineering;Jim Miller, Geological Science;John Evans, Chemistry and Biochemstry;Julie Etterson, Biol; Kurt Kolch, Aerospace Studies, Department of (Air Force ROTC); Michael Sydor, Physics; Mike Rother, Chemical Engineering; Nathan Johnson, Civil Engineering; Richard Green, Math;Ted Pedersen, Computer Science

Next Assembly Meeting is scheduled for DATE

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SCSE Committees

Reports from the Executive Committe fro previous years

Directions for submitting a petition