Chemistry 2223 Fall 2017 Home Page - Quantitative Analysis Lab


Schedule of Experiments

Experimental Procedures

        Experiment 1 Statistics of Univariate Data

        Experiment 2 Determination of Purity of an Impure Sample of Potassium Hydrogen Phthalate (KHP)

        Experiment 3 Calibration Curves and Regression Analysis

        Experiment 4 pH Measurement and Buffer Behavior

        Experiment 5 Determination of the Purity of Na2CO3  
Note:  The unknown sample MUST BE dried for at least 2 hours at 140 C

 Extra Report Sheet 

        Experiment 6  Complexometric Determination of Ca Ion in a Water Sample Using a Visual Endpoint

        Experiment 7  Quantitative Gas Chromatography

        Experiment 8  Spectrophotometric Determination of Iron Using 1,10-Phenathroline




        Introduction to the Course


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