Current and former students

I've had the good fortune to work with a number of great undergraduate and graduate students at UMD. Grad students have worked on Precambrian metamorphic rocks in the Mojave Desert of eastern California, glacial record of ice-covered Precambrian basement in Antarctica, tectonics and petrologic relations in the Ross Orogen of Antarctica, contact metamorphism related to emplacement of the Duluth Complex in Minnesota, and structural-petrologic-tectonic evolution of Archean crust in northern Minnesota.

Graduate Student Research

Chelsea Nissen (M.S. 2014), New evidence of Proterozoic metamorphic events in East Antarctica from thermobarometry and in-situ U-Pb age dating of monazite in metamorphic glacial clasts, central Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica

Jennifer Goldner (M.S. 2013), Structure and metamorphism along the Burntside Lake Shear Zone near Ely, Minnesota

Amy Radakovich (M.S. 2013), Metamorphic petrology of glacial clasts from the Byrd Glacier drainage: Implications for the crustal history of East Antarctica

Christopher White (M.S. 2010; co-advisor), Petrology, petrogenesis, and metallogenesis of the South Kawishiwi Intrusion in the Nokomis Deposit area, Duluth Complex, northeastern Minnesota

Shelby Frost (M.S. 2010), Effects of contact metamorphism by the Duluth Complex on Proterozoic footwall rocks in northeastern Minnesota

Devon Brecke (M.S. 2007), Provenance of glacially transported material near Nimrod Glacier, East Antarctica: Evidence of the ice-covered East Antarctic shield

Michael Rieser (M.S. 2005), Deformation and metamorphism of tectonites exposed in the New York and Clark Mountains, eastern California: A case for Proterozoic mid-crustal shortening in the Mojave Province.

Undergraduate Student Research

Michael Buschette (B.S., UROP 2013)
Sara Chlebecek (B.S., UROP 2011)
Angela Hawkins (B.S., 2011-12)
Robert Kryzer (B.S., 2011-12)
Blake Lemcke (B.S., UROP 2007)
Katie Brosch (B.S. 2005)
Diane Curelli (B.S. 2005)
Lucas Stolp (B.S., UROP 2003)
Elena Miranda (B.S. 2000)
Sarah Deering (B.S. 1998)
Jennifer Kohl (B. S. 1997)