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My main teaching rotation includes the following courses:

Geol 1110:  Introduction to Geology & Earth Systems

Comprehensive survey of Earth's composition, structure, and dynamics to develop an understanding of internal processes, plate tectonics, and surface processes as a framework for geological history and development of life. Generally taught fall semester.

Geol 2312:  Petrology

Petrology of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks, including their occurrence, petrogenesis and tectonic setting. Emphasis on the relationships between mineral assemblages, rock textures, geochemistry, origins, and rock-forming processes. Taught spring semester.

Geol 4480:  Tectonics

Ancient and active plate-tectonic processes. Topics include tectonic theory, plate motions, evolution of divergent, convergent and transform margins, anatomy of orogenic belts, and neotectonics. Examines tectonic phenomena in the context of geological, geophysical and surficial processes. Offered alternate years, generally spring semester.

Geol 5310:  Advanced Petrology

Physico-chemical principles applied to origin of igneous and metamorphic rocks. Phase equilibria in important mineral systems. Lab study and interpretation of igneous and metamorphic rocks using petrographic microscope. Offered as there is interest, generally in fall semester.