Phys 5522: Quantum Mechanics II

Spring 2015
University of Minnesota Duluth

J.R. Hiller (

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Lecture notes are available in the shared google folder.

Assignments Lectures
Week #1 1/21: Terminology, classical scattering
1/23: No class!
Week #2 1/26: Wave packets, quantum scattering
1/28: Complex analysis, contour integration
1/30: Green's functions, Born approximation
Week #3 2/2: Partial wave expansion
2/4: Optical theorem, phase shifts
2/6: Spherical expansion of Gk+
Week #4 2/9: Scattering length
2/11: S-matrix, resonances
2/13: Scattering with spin
Week #6 2/25: Midterm #1
Week #11 4/8: Midterm #2
Week #16 5/14: Final Exam, 8 am

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