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The following is photo documentation and proof that the Porsche 914 can accept the 928 Porsche engine as an option for the Chevy conversion. You can have 8 cylinders and keep your 914 all Porsche!

The regular posters of the 914 bulletin board on the Pelican Parts site seemed to have named my conversion car the 918. I kinda like it and plan on making a replacement script for my tail light panel.

The 914 started its public introduction as a hybrid sports car. As most of us know the team effort from Porsche and VW brought us one of the finest development platforms ever produced. The lack of an iron clad contract between these two manufacturers caused this entry level car to rapidly rise in price and without the performance enhancements of the American and Japanese sports car market. Despite the inequality in performance these cars are still incredibly sought after. In our relentless pursuit of performance we've tried a countless number of modifications. This only proves that the chassis never reached it's true potential during it's production run. The 928 conversion has been done before. There is a reported recent sighting red 914 in Colorado during the summer of 1999. This car has vanished. There is an feature in a 1990 Porsche Panorama on a completed car. The builders of this car stated that they felt they needed to stretch the wheel base 5" because of the length of the engine. My conversion leaves the wheel base stock. If your considering this conversion please be aware! Cutting is required! The following photos are not to be viewed by the purist. Of course if your considering this radical hybrid option.


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