Dr. Jon N. Rumbley

Assistant Professor
University of Minnesota-Duluth
Department of Chemistry/
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
313 Chem
1039 University Dr.
Duluth, MN 55812
Phone : 218-726-7423
Email: jrumbley@d.umn.edu


Courses Taught: (Click course to enter the course specific site)

Phar6151 Biochemistry of Medicinals I
Phar6152 Biochemistry of Medicinals II
Chem5714 Applications of Spectroscopy


Research Focus:

Work in my laboratory focuses on two broad are as of research, protein folding and thermodynamics and structure/function relationships in membrane transport proteins. In both cases, we apply site directed mutagenesis to gather information about an individual amino acids involvement in structure and/or function in the context of the protein.

Protein folding and thermodynamics studies have been carried out on the well characterized electron transfer protein, cytochrome c. High resolution structural information allows us to address very specific questions related to the sequential steps proposed to constitute the folding pathway of cytochrome c, traversed when going from unfolded to native conformation. We take advantage of the spectroscopic signals communicated by the heme environment (UV/Vis), the single tryptophan solvent exposure (fluorescence), and the secondary structure content (circular dichroism). We are currently involved in defining properties of the "unfolded" protein as well as determining the subset of amino acids involved in the rate limited folding transition.

Structure/function studies in transmembrane transport proteins is being carried out in a class of