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History 1305: U.S. History Part II: 1877- Present

Course Objectives:
1. A general overview of U.S. history from 1877-present
2. Introduce a variety of different types of history, including political, business, social, urban, women’s, African-American, labor, and ethnic
3. Discuss various historical interpretations of key topics
4. Develop a better sense of time and place as individuals
5. Enjoy the topic

This course can be used for Lib. Ed. Category 7, “Historical and Philosophical Foundations.”

Assigned Paperbacks:
Mary Beth Norton, et al., A People and a Nation, Brief 6th edition, volume 2
Stephen G. Weisner & William F. Hartford, American Portraits, 2nd edition, Volume II


Topics, reading assignments and exam dates:
Read chapters as assigned and be prepared to answer discussion questions in Portraits on days assigned.

Jan. 17
American History in Our Culture Today
Jan. 19

U.S. History up to 1865
The New South
Read: Norton, Ch. 16 & Introduction to Unit One and the Turner essay in Portraits


Jan. 24

The Far West
Read: Sheridan and Picotte in Portraits and Norton, Ch. 17

Jan. 26

Business and Materialistic Values in the Gilded Age
Read: Rockefeller essay in Portraits

Jan. 31

Read: Norton, Ch. 18

Feb. 2

Labor and Immigrants
Read: Norton, Ch.19

Feb. 7

Urbanization, Social Reform, and Cultural Trends
Read: Crane essay in Portraits

Feb. 9

Gilded Age Politics and Agrarian Reform
Read: Norton, Ch. 20
Lease essay in Portraits

Feb. 14
Exam on lectures; Norton, Ch. 16-20; and Unit One in Portraits (150 points)
Feb. 16
Teddy Roosevelt and the Progressive Era
Read: Norton, Ch. 21 and the Introduction to Unit Two and Teddy Roosevelt essay in Portraits
Feb. 21
Social Reform in the Progressive Era
Read: Debs and Dubois essays in Portraits
Feb. 23
Imperialism, Dollar Diplomacy, and Neutrality
Woodrow Wilson and America in World War I
Read: Norton, Ch. 22
Feb. 28
Video: The Great War: Collapse (VC 2805 PT.6)
The Peace Settlement
Read: Norton, Ch. 23
Mar. 2
Feminism and Post War Conservatism: Harding and Coolidge
Read: Sanger essay in Portraits
Norton, Ch. 24
Mar. 7
The Jazz Age
Business and Culture
Mar. 9
Business: Prosperity and the Crash
Herbert Hoover
Read: Norton, Ch. 25
Mar. 14 & 16
Have a great break!
Mar. 21
The New Deal
Read: The Eleanor Roosevelt and Long essays in Portraits
Mar. 23
Isolationism and World War II
Read: Norton, Ch. 26
Mar. 28
Video: "World War II: War in the Pacific" (VC 184)
Read: Norton, Ch. 27 and the Patton essay in Portraits
Mar. 30
Exam on lectures since 1st exam, Norton, chapters 21-27, and Unit Two in Portraits (150 points)
Apr. 4
Truman and the Fair Deal
Read: Norton, Ch. 28
Apr. 6
The Cold War, Korea, McCarthyism and Eisenhower
Read: Norton, Ch. 29 and the McCarthy and Kroc essays and the Introduction to Unit Three in Portraits
Apr. 11
Kennedy and the New Frontier
Read: Norton, Ch. 30
Apr. 13
Video: Vietnam: A Historical Document (VC 664)
Read: Norton, Ch. 31
Apr. 18
Johnson and the Great Society
Apr. 20
Civil Rights, Women’s Liberation, and the Counter-Culture
Read: The King, Friedan, and Chavez essays in Portraits

Apr. 25
Nixon and Watergate
Ford, Carter, and Reagan
Read: Norton, Ch. 32
Apr. 27
Video: “Nixon, Part I”
Colloquium assignment due
May 2
The first Bush and Clinton
Norton, Ch. 33
History colloquium assignment due
May 4
George W. Bush
Where Do We Go From Here?
May 11
Final: from 4:00-5:55 (150 points), on lectures since second exam, Norton, Chs. 28-33 and Unit 3 in Portraits. No early finals!

Grades will be based on the three exams covering class material and reading assignments plus a 25 point colloquium assignment due April 27. You must earn 158 points to pass and 237 points for a C-. Above that, grades will be curved. Exams will be multiple choice questions. See separate handout for the colloquium assignment. A make-up session will be held near the end of the semester for those who missed an exam. No make-ups earlier.

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