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Selected Reference Books
Of Interest to Human Resources

Spring 2002  

Anglim, Christopher Thomas.  Labor, Employment, and the Law a Dictionary.  Santa Barbara, CA.  ABC-CLIO, Inc., 1997.

Banki, Ivan Steven.  Dictionary of Professional Management.  Los Angeles, CA.  Systems Research Institute, 1997.  REF HD 30.15.B364 1997.
Bianco, David.  State Occupational Outlook Handbook.  Detroit, MI.  Gale Research, Inc., 1998.  REF HD 5723.S85 1998.

BNA Labor Relations Reporter.  Labor Relations Expediter.  Washington, D.C.  The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc., 1988.  REF KF 3315.L3x LRX v.1.  

BNA Policy and Practice Series.  Personal Management.  Washington, D.C.  The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc., 2001.  REF KF 3315.P4X v.3.

DeCresce, Robert.  Drug Testing in the Workplace.  United States.  American Society of Clinical Pathologists, 1989.  REF KF 3540.D778 1989.

Dorgan, Charity Anne.  Statistical Handbook of Working America.  Detroit, MI.  Gale Research Inc., 1995.  REF HD 8064.S73 1995.  

Feldacker, Bruce S.  Labor Guide to Labor Law.  Upper Saddle River, NJ.  Prentice-Hall, Inc., 2000.  REF KF 3369.F44 2000.  

Fisher, Helen S.  American Salaries and Wages Survey.  Farmington Hills, MI.  The Gale Group, 1999.  REF HD 4973.A67 1999.

Gregory, Robert J.  Your Workplace Rights  and How to Make the Most of Them.  United States.  Robert J. Gregory, 1999.  REF KF 3455.Z9 G74 1999.

Holloway, William J.  Employment Termination Rights and Remedies.  United States.  The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc., 1985, 1993.  REF KF 3471.H64 1993.

Jacobs, Eva E.  Handbook of U.S. Labor Statistics.  Lanham, MD.  Bernan Press, 2001.  REF HD 8051.A63 2000.

Leonard, Arthur S.  Sexuality and the Law An Encyclopedia of Major Legal Cases.  New York, NY.  McGraw-Hill, 1984, 1996.  REF HD 4928.N62 U6353 1996.

McDonnell, Ken.  EBRI Databook on Employee Benefits.  Washington, D.C.  Employee Benefit Research Institute, 1997.  REF HD 4928.N62 U6279 1997.

Nilson, Carolyn.  Training & Development Yearbook 1999.  Paramus, NJ.  Prentice Hall, 1999.  REF HF 5549.5.T7 T6653 1999.  

Olson, Kent C.  Legal Information How to Find It, How to Use It.  Phoenix, AZ.  The Oryx Press, 1999.  REF KF 240.0365 1999.  

Peters, Lawrence H.  The Blackwell Encyclopedic Dictionary of Human Resource Management.  Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Blackwell Publishers Inc., 1997.  REF HD 30.15.B53 1997X v.9  

Roberts, Harold S.  Roberts’ Dictionary of Industrial Relations.  Washington, D.C.  The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc., 1966, 1994.  REF HD 4839.R612 1994.  

Shilling, Dana.  The Complete Guide to Human Resources and the Law.  Paramus, NJ.  Prentice Hall, 1998.  REF KF 3455.S55 1998.  

Tracey, William R.  The Human Resources Glossary A Complete Desk Reference for HR Professionals.  New York, NY.  AMACOM, 1991.  REF HF 5549.A23 T73 1991.


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