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Key Business Reference Books in our Library

reference desk

  Accountant's Handbook Accountants' Handbook: REF HF 5621 .A22 2003 (2 vols.)
  2010 LexisNexis Advertising Red Books 2010 LexisNexis Advertising Red Books: REF HF 5805 .S785 2010 July
  Almanac of Business and Indstrial Finanial Ratios Almanac of Business and Industrial Financial Ratios: REF HF 5681 .R25 T68x 2015
  An American's Guide to Doing Business in China An American's Guide to Doing Business in China: REF HD 2910 .S39 2007
  An American's Guide to Doing Business in India: REF HD 2899 .M245 2008
  An American's Guide to Doing Business in Latin America: REF HF 3230.5 .Z5 T85 2008
  analysis of financial statements Analysis of Financial Statements (Second Edition): REF HG 4026 .P463 2006
  Annual Statement Studies: REF HF 5681 .B2 R6 2013/2014
  Asian Business Customs & Manners: REF HF 5389.3 .A78 B67 2007
  The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Management: REF HD 30 .15 .B455 2005 v.13
  Booms and Busts: REF HB 3722 .B67 2010
  BusinessNorth: 2013 Directory of Business and Industry: REF Folio HC 107 .M6 B875 2014
  Business Plans Handbook Business Plans Handbook: REF HD 62.7 .B865 (24 vols.) 2013
Top Business Rankings Annual: REF HG 4050 .B88 2009
(Also in Business Insights: Essentials *)
  Business Statistics of the United States Business Statistics of the United States: REF HC 101 .A13122 2011
  Business The Ultimate Resource: REF HD 38.15.B875 2011
  The Career Guide The Career Guide: REF HF 5382.5 .U5 C33x 2009
  Comparative Employment Relations Comparative Employment Relations: REF HD 6971 .E28 2000
  County and City Data Book: 2007: REF HA 202 .A36 2007
  County and City Extra County and City Extra: Annual Metro, City, and County Data Book: REF HA 203 .C68 2008
  Countries and Their Cultures: REF GN 307 .C68 2001 (4 vols.)
(see also electronic)
  Community Profile Analysis (CPA): REF HC 107 .M62 S28 2008
  Craighead's International Business, Travel, and Relocation Guide to 90 Countries: REF HF 5549.5 .E45 D56 2004/2005 (2 vols.)
  The CRB Commodity Yearbook: REF HF 1041 .C56 2014
  Cross Cultural Issues: Various Call Numbers
Top Datapedia of the United States: REF HA 202 .D378 2007
  Demographics USA: County Editions Demographics USA: County Editions: REF HF 5415.1 .D462 2008
  Demographics USA : Zip Edition Pages: REF HF 5415.3 .D463 2008
  Dictionary of Financial Formulas and Ratios: REF HG 151 .M24 2008
  The Directory of Business Information Resources The Directory of Business Information Resources: REF HF 54.52 .U5 D567 2011
  eAtlas of Global Development (World Bank)
  Economic Indicators Handbook: REF HC 103 .E26 2002
  Economic Report of the President: REF HC 106.5 .A272 2012
  Employment, Hours, and Earnings: States and Areas 2005: REF HD 8051 .A62 2005
Top Encyclopedia of Advertising: REF HF 5803 .A38 2003 (3 vols.)
  Encyclopedia of African American Business: REF HD 2358.5 .U6 E53 2006 (2 vols.)
  Encyclopedia of American Business: REF HF 1001 .E463 2004
(Volume II is located at REF HF 3021 .G44 2006 v.2)
  Encyclopedia of American Industries: REF HC 102 .E53 2008 (2 vols)
(Also in Business Insights: Essentials *)
  Encyclopedia of American Women in Business: REF HD 6054.4 .U6 K753 v.1 2005 (2 vols)
  Encyclopedia of Business and Finance: REF HF 1001 .E466 2007 (2 vols)
  Encyclopedia of Business Information Sources: REF HF5035 .E53x 2009 v.1
  Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance: REF HF 5381 .E52 2011 (5 vols.)
Top Encyclopedia of Emerging Industries: REF HD 2324 .E528 2007
(Also in Business Insights: Essentials *)
  Encyclopedia of Finance Encyclopedia of Finance: REF HG 151 .E625 2006
  Encyclopedia of Fraud: REF HV 6691 .W45 2005
  Encyclopedia of Global Industries: REF HD 2324 .E53 2007
(Also in Business Insights: Essentials *)
  Encyclopedia of Industrial and Organizational Psychology Encyclopedia of Industrial and Organizational Psychology: REF HF 5548.8 .E498 2007
[Electronic Version]
Top Encyclopedia of Knowledge Management: REF HD 30.2 .E53 2006
[Electronic Version]
  Encyclopedia of Leadership : REF HD 57.7 .E53 2004 (4 vols)
[Electronic Version]
  Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Campaigns Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Campaigns: REF HF 5837 .E53 2000 (2 vols.)
  Encyclopedia of Management Encyclopedia of Management: REF HD 30.15 .E49 2006
  Encyclopedia of Products and Industries - Manufacturing: REF HD 9720.5 .E53 2008 (2 Volumes)
[Electronic Version]
  Encyclopedia of Public Relations Encyclopedia of Public Relations: REF HD 59 .E48 2005 (2 vols)
  Encyclopedia of Tariffs and Trade in U.S. History: REF HF 1705 .E53 2003 (3 vols.)
  Encyclopedia of U.S. Labor and Working Class History Encyclopedia of U.S. Labor and Working Class History: REF HD 8066 .A78 2006 (3 vols)
  Encyclopedia of White-Collar & Corporate Crime: REF HV 6768 .E63 2005 (2 vols.)
  Encyclopedia of World Trade: From Ancient Times to the Present : REF HF 1373 .W67 2005 (4 vols.)
  European Business - Facts and Figures: REF HC 241.2 .P313 2003
  European Business - Customs & Manners: REF HF 5389.3 .E85 B67
  Exporters' Encyclopaedia Exporters' Encyclopaedia: REF HF 3011 .E9 2006/2007
  Export Sales & Marketing Manual: REF HF 1416.5 .E9 2008
  The Federal Reserve System : An Encyclopedia The Federal Reserve System: An Encyclopedia: REF HG 2563 .H235 2005
  A Financial History of the United States: REF HG 181 .M297 2002 (3 vols.)
  Financial Studies of the Small Business: REF HD 2346 .U5 F55 2007
  Foreign Trade of the United States: REF HF 3003 .F6 1999
  The Global Etiquette Guides: Various Call Numbers
  Government Finance Statistics 2006 Yearbook Government Finance Statistics 2008 Yearbook: REF HA 40 .F5 I5X v.28 2008
  A Guide to Starting a Business In Minnesota A Guide to Starting a Business In Minnesota: REF  KFM 5605 .Z9G84 2012
Top Handbook of Industry Profiles: REF HC 106.83.H35 2009
  Handbook of U.S. Labor Statistics Handbook of U.S. Labor Statistics: REF HD 8051 .A63 2011
  Handbook of U.S. Labor Statistics Healthcare Business Market Research Handbook 2013-2014
  Historical Encyclopedia of American Labor: REF HD 8066 .H57 2003
  Historical Statistics of the United States: Millenial Edition: REF HA 202 .H57 2006 (5 vols.)
See also Electronic Edition
  The Human Resources Glossary 3rd ed.: REF HF 5549 .A23 T73 2004
Top Importing Into the United States: A Guide for Commercial Importers: [Electronic Resource]
  Index of Economic Freedom: REF HB 95 .I48 2012
  Industrial Commodity Statistics Yearbook 2005: REF HC 59 .P366 2008 v.1
  Industry Norms and Key Business Ratios: REF HF 5681 .R25 I53 2010-2011
  Industry Research Using the Economic Census: REF HC 101.B594 2004
  Infrastructure Industries USA: REF HD 9506 .U5 A64 2001
  International Business Etiquette: Europe: REF HF 5389.3 E85 S23 2004
Top International Directory of Business Biographies: REF HC 29 .I57 2005 (4 vols.)
  International Encyclopedia of The Stock Market: REF HG 4551 .I57 1999 (2 vols.)
  International Encyclopedia of Organizational Studies: REF HD 31 .I564 2008 (4 vols.)

International Financial Statistics Yearbook: REF HG 3881 .I5X V.55 2007


  International Historical Statistics: Various Call Numbers
  International Yearbook of Industrial Statistics International Yearbook of Industrial Statistics 2006: REF HC 10 .I673
  IRS Corporate Financial Ratios: REF HG 4050 .I77 2008
  Key Indicators of the Labour Market: REF HD 5701 .K49 2003
[Electronic Version]
  Key Management Ratios: REF HF 5681 .R25 W347 2002
  Latin American Business Cultures: REF GN 564 .L29 L37 2005
  Lifestyle Market Analyst The Lifestyle Market Analyst: REF HF 5415.33 .U6 L54 2008
[Electronic Version 2009 (Use Internet Explorer browser)]
Top Manufacturing and Distribution USA Manufacturing and Distribution USA: REF HD 9721 .M364 2011 (3 vols.)
[Electronic Version (2006) (2009) (2013)]
  Market Share Reporter: REF HF 5410 .M35 2011 (2 vols.)
(Also in Business Insights: Essentials *)
  The Marketing Research Guide The Marketing Research Guide : REF HF 5415.2 .M35585 2006
  Minnesota Manufacturers Register Minnesota Manufacturers Register: REF HD 9727 .M6 M57 2011
  NationMaster (Online)
  New Strategist Publications: Varies
Must-have sources of demographics and statistics to help discover Niche Markets.
  North American Industry Classification System: REF HF 1041.5 .N674 2007
  Occupational Outlook Handbook: REF HD 8051 .A62 2010-11
  OECD Factbook: Economic, Environmental and Social Statistics: REF HC 10 .O34 2011-2012
Top Palgrave Dictionary of...: Various Call Numbers
  Places, Towns, and Townships: REF HT 101 .P52 2012

Plunkett's Food Industry Almanac 2014: REF TP 368.3 .P584 2014

  Plunkett's Health Care Industry Almanac 2011: REF RA 410.53 .P56 2011
  Plunkett's Renewable, Alternative & Hydrogen Energy Industry Almanac 2013: REF HD 9502 .U52 P625 2013
  Plunkett's Sports Industry Almanac 2012 Plunkett's Sports Industry Almanac 2015: REF GV 716 .P587 2015
Online Access
  Political Handbook of the World Political Handbook of the World: REF JF 37 .P61X 2014
  Political Risk Yearbook: REF HG4538 .P65 2010 (8 vols.)
Top Salary Facts Handbook: REF HD 4975 .S253 2008
  St. James Encyclopedia of Labor History Worldwide: REF HD 4839 .S74 2003 (2 vols.)
  Small Business Sourcebook: REF HD 2346 .U5 S66 2012
  The Sourcebook of County Demographics: REF HA 203 .S677 2009
  The Sourcebook of ZIP Code Demographics: REF HA 203 .S677 2009
  Sports Business Resource Guide & Fact Book 2012: REF GV 567.3 .S69 2012
Top Standard Industrial Classification Manual: REF HF 1042 .A55 1987x
  Standard & Poor's Industry Surveys: REF HC 106 .S74
Now updated by the more current NetAdvantage.
  State and Metropolitan Area Data Book State and Metropolitan Area Data Book 2006: REF HA 202 .S84 2010
  State Profiles: The Population and Economy of Each U.S. State: REF HA 203 .S725 2006
  Statistical Yearbook : Econimic & Social Affairs Statistical Yearbook : Economic & Social Affairs: REF HA 12.5 .U63 55th ed. 2010
  Strauss's Handbook of Business Information Strauss's Handbook of Business Information: REF HF 1010 .S779 2012
  United States Foreign Trade Highlights United States Foreign Trade Highlights: REF 3000 .U63 2005
  Ward's Automotive Yearbook 2007 Ward's Automotive Yearbook 2012: REF HD 9710 .U5 W3 2014
  The Who, What, and Where of America The Who, What, and Where of America: Understanding the Census Results: REF HA 201.122 .W46 2003

A multilingual encyclopedia that is collaboratively edited and maintained by thousands of users via wiki software, and is hosted and supported by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation. In addition to typical encyclopedia entries, Wikipedia includes information more often associated with almanacs, gazetteers, and specialist magazines, as well as coverage of current events. It has over 4 million entries, and is constantly growing. Many articles are long, detailed, with sources clearly cited and includes related links. Wikipedia has been controversial because of its open collaborative nature, however, it has received good marks in recent scholarly reviews .

This is a good place to get an overview of business related definitions, topics or issues. The Wikipedia can help you to find and understand the “keywords” you will need to search our library’s many databases . You may not want to cite the Wikipedia as a source, but it may lead you to sources you can cite. Learn how to make the best use of this wonderful resource.

  Working Americans Working Americans: REF HD 8066 .D47 2000 (8 vols)
Top world development indicators World Development Indicators: REF HC 59.69 .W656X 2011
Now Online
  The World Factbook 2006 The World Factbook 2012-13: REF G 122 .U56A 2012-13
Electronic Version
  2010 World Indusrty & Market Outlook: REF HC 10 .W69 2010
  Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life: REF GN 333 .W67 2009 (5 vols)
  Worldmark Encyclopedia of National Economies: REF HC 15 .W675 2002 (4 vols.)


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