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A to Z Guide to American Consumers
REF HC 110 .C6 O34 2009

Access to Health Risk Behavior
REF WA900AA1 A169 2003

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New Strategist Catalog

Access to Money Income in the United States
REF HC110.I5 A34 2003x
Access to Poverty in the United States
REF HC110.I5 A35 2003x

Access to The 2001 National Household Travel Survey
REF HE203 .A22 2004
American Attitudes
REF HN90 .P8 A447 2014
American Buyers
REF HC110 .C6 A54 2014
American Generations
REF HC110 .C6 M545 2013
American Health
REF WA900 AA1 A445 2010
American Incomes
REF HC110 .I5 A44 2014
The American Marketplace
REF HB848 .O34 2014
American Men
REF HQ1090.3 .A457 2008
American Men and Women
REF HN59.2 .A446 2013
American Sexual Behavior
REF HQ 18 .U5 A455 2006
American Time Use
REF HD69 .T54 A46 2010
American Women
REF HQ1421 .A486 2008
Americans 55 & Older
REF HQ1064 .U5 A6455 2001
Americans and Their Homes
REF HD7287.82.U6 R87 2011
Americans at Play
REF GV191.4 .W5 1997
The Baby Boom
REF HN60 .R868 2012
Best Customers
REF HC79 .C6 R87 2014
Best of Health
REF WA 900 AA1 W452 2000
Bet You Didn't Know
REF E 169 .Z83 R87 2008
Demographics of the U.S.
REF HB849.49 .R875 2007
Generation X
REF HN60 .G46 2009
Getting Wiser to Teens
REF HF 5415.32 Z65 2004
Household Spending
REF HC 110 .C6 O34 2014

The Mid-Youth Market
REF HN60 .R87 1996

The Millenials
REF HN60 .M555 2012
Older Americans: A Changing Market
REF HN60 .O434 2012
Racial and Ethnic Diversity
REF E184 .A1 R78 2013
Regional Markets
REF HA214 .E94 1999 v.1

REF HA214 .E94 1999 v.2
Ten Things You Need to Know About the Children's Market
REF HF 5415.332 .C45 T46 2008
Ten Things You Need to Know About the College Market
REF HF 5415.332 .C64 T45 2008
Ten Things You Need to Know About the Retirement Market
REF HC 110 .C6 T46 2008
Who's Buying Alcoholic and Nonalcoholic Beverages
REF HD 9348 .U5 W46 2014
Who's Buying Apparel
REF HD 9940 .U6 W46 2014
Who's Buying at Restaurants and Carry-Outs
REF TX945 .W46 2013
Who's Buying By Age
REF HF 5415.32 .W46 2013
Who's by Race and Hispanic Origin
REF HC 110 .C6 W5 2013
Who's Buying Entertainment
REF GV53 .W46 2013
Who's Buying Executive Summary of Household Spending
REF HC 110 .C6 W46 2013
Who's Buying for Pets
REF SF414.7 .W4 2013
Who's Buying for the Home
REF HD9971.U6 W56 1996
Who's Buying for Travel
REF GV 155 .U6 W46 2013
Who's Buying Groceries
REF HD 9321.4 .W46 2013
Who's Buying Health Care
REF RA410.53 .W48 2013
Who's Buying Housegold Furnishings, Services, and Supplies.
REF HD9773 .U6 .W46 2013
Who's Buying Information and Consumer Electronics
REF HE7601 .W46 2013
Who's Buying Transportation
REF HD9710 .U52 .W46 2014
Who We Are: Asians
REF E 184 .A75 W46 2007
Who We Are: Blacks
REF E 185.615 .W46 2007
Who We Are: Hispanics
REF E 184 .S75 W48 2007

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