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Best Customers

"The third edition of Best Customers: Demographics of Consumer Demand is a unique look at who the best and biggest customers are for hundreds of individual products and services, alerting marketers to potential booms and busts in the years ahead.

Based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2002 Consumer Expenditure Survey, Best Customers analyzes household spending on more than 300 products and services by age of householder, household income, household type, race and Hispanic origin of householder, region of residence, and—new to this edition—educational attainment of householder. It identifies which households spend the most on a product or service (the best customers) and which control the largest share of spending (the biggest customers).

Best Customers is divided into 21 chapters, arranged alphabetically, with each chapter focusing on a major spending category. Within each chapter, individual products and services are arranged alphabetically. The chapters are: alcoholic beverages, apparel, computers, education, entertainment, financial products and services, household furnishings, gifts to non-household members, groceries, health care, household services, housekeeping supplies, personal care products and services, reading material, restaurants and carry-outs, shelter and utilities, telephone, tobacco, transportation, travel, and utilities.

Each table in Best Customers analyzes household spending on a particular product or service and is accompanied by text identifying the best and biggest customers, analyzing spending patterns, describing spending trends for the product over the past few years, and predicting future trends based on the nation's changing demographics.

The first of the four appendices describes the Consumer Expenditure Survey, which is the source of the data in Best Customers. Appendix B shows you the percentage of households purchasing the items examined in Best Customers in an average quarter of 2002 and how much the purchasers spent. Appendix C ranks the book's products and services by how much the average household spends on them. The final appendix shows trends in household spending by major category between 1997 and 2002, after adjusting for inflation."

Quoted from publisher's website

REF HC79 .C6 R87 2014

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Last Updated: September 18th, 2017

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