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MediaMark University Internet Reporter

First Available October 1, 2005

Discontinued October 12, 2008

The MediaMark Reporter is no longer available as a UMD Library Resource.

Database Information:
The Mediamark Reporter System contains reports documenting product usage
and purchasing habits of consumers for food, real estate, and hundreds of
consumer products by brand and/or manufacturer based on survey data. As
the leading U.S. supplier of multimedia audience research, Mediamark
Research provides information to magazines, television, radio, Internet
and other media, leading national advertisers and over 450 advertising
agencies - including 90 of the top 100 in the United States. Mediamark's
national syndicated data are widely used by these companies as the basis
for the majority of the media and marketing plans that are written for
advertised brands in the United States. Mediamark conducts more than
26,000 personal interviews with consumers annually throughout the
continental United States to produce syndicated reports and data for
electronic access. The online version has data from 2002 through 2004.
We also have 1995-2000 data available on CD-ROMs on our EDD machines
located near the Reference Desk on the second floor of the UMD Library.


MediaMark Reporter Instructions (PDF)

MediaMark Reporter Instructions (WORD)

MediaMark Research, Inc. Excerpt from Encyclopedia of Advertising (PDF)

For 1997-2001 MediaMark Data, See CD-ROMs Mounted On EDD.

Instructions for 1997-2001 CD-ROMS On EDD

MediaMark Reporter Tech Guides 1998-Present

Study these Tech Guides to understand the definition of terms,
methodology. The values of media Quintiles and Terciles are defined
for each Fall, Spring, and TeenMark report.

MediaMark Research Technical Guide Methodology

Special Login Instructions

MRI’s University Internet Reporter (UIR)

1. When you activate the link (above), you will access a login window, Welcome to MRI+. If this is the *first* time you have accessed this page, click on Register for a FREE account. You will access an online registration form. Please fill it out as completely as possible.

Suggestions for filling out the online registration form:

JOB: Student, faculty, librarian, or staff
COMPANY: University of Minnesota Duluth
CATEGORY: Academics/student
email/PASSWORD: Use your university email. This is where MRI will send UIR reports, alerts, and updates.  SELECT A PASSWORD YOU LIKE, BUT DO NOT USE YOUR OFFICIAL UNIVERSITY PASSWORD. This information is only for your use in accessing the resource.
ADDRESS: 416 Library Drive
Duluth, MN 55812
TELEPHONE: 218-726-8161
FAX/Website URL (leave blank)

2. After you have completed the form, click on Register for MRI+ at the bottom of the window. An MRI Registration Successful window will appear.

3. In the email account you registered, you will receive an e-,ail message from MRI. Please open the message and click on the activation link labeled Validate my Registration to complete the process.

4. The next time you access the resource, you will be able to login and use the database.

Important note: At the end of each calendar year (31 December), MRI will purge all login information from its registration database. At that point, you will need to repeat the registration process for the next calendar year.

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