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Book Collection Review Project 2008
Labovitz School of Business & Economics

Faculty Review Database


All faculty should have received a letter from Library Director Bill Sozansky announcing the project underway in the UMD Library to review the book collection.  We seek your cooperation in completing this project and have created a database to facilitate the process.

The Faculty Review Database is divided by two-letter call number ranges based on the Library of Congress Classification System.  For each call number range there are two lists – one for books to be sent to the Minnesota Library Access Center (MLAC) and the other for those to be discarded (sent to Better World Books).   Call number, author, title, and date of publication are indicated for each book on the lists.    If more information is needed, the call number links to the UMD Library Catalog record for that book.

Directions for Using the Faculty Review Database:

Log-on to the database with your UMD Internet ID and password.

Click on the “Call Number Group” tab to get started.

Select either DISCARD or MLAC and then a call number range and enter submit.
              Your department librarian will advise you of call number ranges to review or you may consult the Library of Congress Classification System for detail on call number breakdowns.

Review the books in the areas of interest to you.  When you see a book you would prefer we keep, click on KeepIt and state briefly why you would like the title kept.  Click on save.   The book will stay on the list and your KeepIt request will be recorded.     

For multi-volume sets you need to click KeepIt only for the first volume and the selection will be recorded the entire set.  Multi-volume sets are identified by blank spaces after the original title name for each volume.  In some cases there are only 2 or 3 and in other cases many more. 

Should you want to review the lists by authors you consider important, click on either the “Author Last Name Starts With” tab or the “Author Keyword Search” tab.    

Author Last Name Starts With -  find  the first letter of the author’s last name and click.   Then scroll down until you reach the author’s name you are seeking. 

Author Keyword Search – use one part of a name and click on submit.  This search only allows one search term.  It searches in first, middle and last name fields.  This is useful for authors with unique names, but not for those with more common names.  For example, Scott will result in all authors with Scott as a first, middle, or last name.     

Both author searches are divided by MLAC and DISCARD

Library of Congress Classification System - consult to find greater detail lfor call number area sub-sections.

Suggested Call Number Areas to Review:

H Social Sciences General

HA Statistics

HB Economic Theory

HC Economic history and conditions

HD Industries. Land use. Labor

HE Transportation and Communication

HF Commerce, Business and Management including Accountancy and Industrial Psychology

HG Finance including : Money, Banking, Investment, Insurance

HJ Public Finance including Taxation

TS Manufactures

Others you might want to look over:  BF Psychology


Books will go to either:

Minnesota Library Access Center (MLAC) - the central storage area for Minnesota Libraries located on the West Bank Campus of the Twin Cities campus; all books there are readily available to UMD faculty and staff through interlibrary loan.

Jim Vileta


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Last Updated: September 18th, 2017

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