EnEd 4601
Wilderness Philosophy
List of People to Interview

Following is a list of potential people who live in the Northeastern Minnesota region and who have significant Wilerness experience and/or influence. In selecting your person to interview, be sure to follow some guidelines:
1. Plan your interview questions ahead of time - write them down.
2. Call the person well in advance (1-2 weeks minimum) to arrange an interview time.
3. Meet at their convenience.
4. Be sure to be on time, dress appropriately presentable, and thank them for their time.
5. You should spend around 1 hour with them. If your interview looks like it will go more than 1 hour, ask them first if they have the time to go more than and hour. You need to be the time keeper, not them.
6. Confirm the person you wish to interview in class so we avoid duplication.


John Nelson - Friends' of the BWCA
Chel Anderson - Rare Plant Ecologist
John Green - Geology Professor
Mike Furtman - Author, Izaak Walton League
Dave Zentner - Wilderness Advocate, Izaak Walton League
Sam Cook - Author
Tim Bates - Environmental Educator, Wilderness Traveler
Julie Bates - Mom, Environmental Educator
Darrell Spencer - wilderness traveler
Dick Haney - Wilderness Traveler
Sandy Skrein- USFS BWCAW Management
Phyllis Cook - Wilderness Traveler
Joe Walewski - WRELC Env Educator; Finland, MN
John Kohlstedt - WRELC, Env. Educator
Peter Smerud - WRELC
Kerry Donners - Outward Bound
Binner Rahn - Adventure Ed.
Darrell Spencer - Play It Again Sports
Mary Boyle Anderson - Wilderness Traveller
John Anderson - Business Exec/Wilderness Travelr
Gina Temple-Rhodes - Env Educator
Bill Hansen - Sawbill Canoe Outfitters
Cindy Hansen - Sawbill Canoe Oufitters
John Pastor - Ecologist & Wilderness Researcher - UMD NRRI
Randy Carlson - UMD Outdoor Program - Kayak & Canoe Institute
Jim Knapp - UMD HPER Faculty
John Stetson - Sled Dog musher/Wilderness guide
Blake Cazier - Positive Energy Outdoors
Stephanie Love - Positive Energy Outdoors
Kurt Wetzel - Wilderness Traveler/educator
Wendy Robertson - Wilderness Traveler/educator
Dick Adams - Retired Surgeon
Kaitlin Erpestad-Boyce - UMD Graduate student
Deb Shubat - UMD Greenhouse Manager (Biol Dept)/Wilderness Traveler
Matti Erpestad - UMD Graduate student
Seth Spencer - UMD Graduate student
Nancy Burns - Owner, Lutsen Resort
Scott Harriss - Owner, Lutsen Resort
Tom Beery - OE/EE Faculty - UMD

Sept 12, 2011