ENED 5165
Models & Theories in Outdoor Education
Fall Term
Classes 4&5

Assignment #2: Theme - Learning Theories

I am presenting the next set of readings:

1) Be sure to have reviewed the Krugly-Smolska article on "Gaps in advocated practices...". (This can also be downloaded from the side-bar on the home page).

2) Assigned readings

Look up an article on the following topics:
Learning theory:
Multi-cultural/Native American (Group A)
Holistic; Brain Based (Group B)
Multiple intelligences (Group C )
Constructivism (Group D)
Personal meaning (Group E)

You can either search using "Google" , "Google Scholar", or a web browser available via the UMD Library.
Be sure that your article is peer reviewed and addresses the theory directly. Prepare brief notes so that you can present your article to your classmates (be sure to cite your sources completely and correctly).

Avoid having the same article among group members (meaning, "talk to one another about your sources and your articles")

Group Members Readings Assignment
A: Kfukfu N.; Eva R. Multi-cultural (Indigenous Peoples) learning including Native American Learning
B: Josh H.
Brain-based Learning
C: Rosy B.; Steve G. Gardner - Multiple Intellingences; Learning Styles challenged
D: Trisha M. Constructivist learning
E. Jenna Z. Theory of Planned Behavior

Robertson & Krugly-Smolska (1997) Gaps between advocated practices and teaching realities in environmental education. Journal of Environmental Education Research

Good resource texts for you to use and be aware of:

•Ewert, A. (1989). Outdoor Adventure Pursuits: Foundations, Models, and Theories. Publishing Horizons.

*Warren, K.; Sakofs, M.; & Hunt, J. (Eds.). (1995). The Theory of Experiential Education. Association for Experiential Education. Troy, OH.

**Engleson, D. & Yockers, D. (1994) A guide to curriculum planning in environmental education. Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

If you have any questions, or concerns, please contact me immediately via email (kgilbert@d.umn.edu).

I look forward to meeting with you again!