ENED 5165 - Theories & Models in Outdoor Education

Meeting #5 : Theories in Environmental Education:

In addition to the Adventure Education Readings assigned below, I want you to work in groups to use videography of the following Learning Theories in action:
(Group A):Hierarchy of Needs - (Rosy)
(Group B):Fear - (Trisha)
Group C):Optimal Arousal - (Steve)
(Group D): Motivation of Adventure - (Jenna& Kfukfu )
(Group E): Flow Theory - (Eva)

These will be presented at the beginning of class

Note: I am now putting authors and citations with the expectation that you do a computer search to find the article assigned to you. Simply put, type in the Topic into google, google scholar, - or any other web browser - and you should find the article.

Group Members Readings Assignment
A: Emily J.

Responsible Environmental Behavior

B: Jeremy B.

Significant Life Experience

C: Leslie B.

Self-Determination theory

D: ALL Value - Belief - Norm Model
E. . Ashlyn T.

Environment Based Education

F: Ryan S.

Systems thinking

Jacobson, S., McDuff, M., & Monroe, M.(2006) Conservation Education and Outreach Techniques. Oxford University Press. 480pp.

Thank you.