ENED 5165 - Theories & Models in Outdoor Education
Meeting #6
Final Assignments:

I. In addition to the Environmental Education Readings assigned below, I want you to work in groups to use videography of the following Learning Theories in action:
(Group A): Infusion of Env. Ed. - ( )
(Group B): - Environmenta Based Education - ()
(Group C): Responsible EnvironmentalBehavior - ()
(Group D): Significant Life Experience - ()
(Goup E): Systems Thinking - ()
These will be presented at the beginning of class


II. The purpose of this assignment is to accomplish the following:
1. Reflect upon the wide range of theories that guide the practice of teaching people about the natural world.
2. Demonstrate your comprehension of the definitions of: Experiential Education; Adventure Education; Environmental Education; Interpretation; Outdoor Education.
3. Demonstrate your comprehension of the theories discussed in class and in course readings by applying them to an actual outdoor educational setting.

Your task:
1. Select a new (or newly revised) theory that pertains to Learning in the Outdoors; Interpretation; Adventure Education; Environmental Education; or Experiential Education.
2. Cite the source and explain how that theory pertains to our field. Be thorough and explicit. Provide a clear example on how it pertains to what we do.

You can write the paper using any conventional format (citations must be in APA 6th edition). You are also welcome to use the Logic model
shown on this link.

The paper is worth 50 points (See the Syllabus for more detail). It will be due as determined by the class members and myself - which will be a deadline following the last class period. Please follow all formating guidelines that have been expected of you throughout this course, ad as explained in the course syllabus.