Learning Theory
The effect of field based instruction on student understanding of ecological concepts - Lisowski & Disinger
The ladder of environmental learning - Priest
Factors associated w/ the relationship between formal, informal, & nonformal science learning - Tamir
Impact of educ., age, newspapers, & television on env. knowledge, concerns, & behav. - Ostman & Parker
A Blind Spot in Motor Learning - Carpenter
Self-concepts, self esteem, and educational experiences: The frog pond revisited - Bachman & O'Malley
Experiential Learning - Kraft
Experiential Learning Theory - Kolb
The Logic Model - McCauley
Theory of Planned Behavior - Azjen
Transfer of Learning - Gass
Adventure/Outdoor Education
Testing the adventure model: Empirical support for a model of risk recreation participation - Ewert & Hollenhorst
A new model for risk taking - Priest
Redefining outdoor education - Priest
The arousal-performance relationship revisited - Landers
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Trends in Outdoor Leaders - Ewert
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Self-efficacy: Toward a unifying theory of behavioral change - Bandura
Self concepts before and after survival training - Clifford & Clifford
Wilderness as healing place - Miles
How delinquents succeed through adventure education - Golins
Adventure Models & Theories - Ewert
Effective Learning in Adv. Educ. - Riggins
Sequencing the Adv. Experience - Bisson
Stage Theory with Interns - Garvey
Environmental Education
The effects of issue investigation & action training on 8th grade students’ env. behav. - Ramsey
Analysis & synthesis of research on responsible env. behavior: A meta-analysis - Hines, Hungerford & Tomera
The effects of an environmental studies course on the defensibility of environmental attitudes - Kinsey & Wheatley
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Mind Gap - Kolmuss & Ageyman
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Categorizing Environmental Learning - Scott & Gough
EE Standards - NAAEE (Simmons, et. al.)
Elements of Effective EE Programs - Athman & Monroe
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Right Tools: Aquat. Educ in the Classroom - Fortner
Effects of Field-based Instruction on Student Understandings of Env. Concepts - Lisowski & Disinger
Effects of Issue Investigation on 8th grade Env. Behavior - Ramsey
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