May Term
2 cr.

Badlands Trip Leader Training

As the Scouts advise, "Be prepared". The weather may vary from hot and sunny to cold, rainy, and windy. Carry all items in a Backpack (I suggest Internal Frame) that you are sure that it fits you properly. Bring essential and useful items; leave lawn chairs, pink flamingos, and cosmetics at home.

Plan your clothing items so they can be worn over each other in layers. During the coldest possible weather (which may be around 25 F), you may be wearing nearly all of your layers. Synthetic material such as fleece is one of the best for: socks, sweater, cap, and even pants. Remember that this is camping; bring durable, not dress clothes.

 Maps for the group  Stoves
 Tents  Matches
 Toilet tissue  Spare rope
 Kitchen and cookware  First Aid kit
 Each meal while on the trail (**Bring a copy of the menu - 1/cache + 1/participant)  Repair Kit

__ Pack for your equipment __ Broad brimmed hat (cowboy hat)
__ 1 Pair hiking shoes/boots __ Sunglasses
__ 1 Pair shoes which can get wet (river sandals or shoes for river crossings - Not to be used as "camp shoes". __ 3 Pair underwear
__ 4 Pair wool socks (NO COTTON!) __ 1 Small towel
__ 2 Pair pants (wool or light cotton) __ Toothbrush/paste
__ 2 Long sleeved shirts __ Soap in plastic bag
__ 3 T-shirts __ Comb or brush
__ 1 Pair shorts __ Extra bandaids and moleskin
__ Day Pack for day hike __ Flashlight + fresh batteries, spare bulb
__ 1 Heavy sweater __ Pocket knife
__ 1 Lightweight jacket (windproof) __ Sunscreen lotion (High SPF)
__ 2 Piece rainsuit of durable material __ Insect repellant (Permanone)
__ Unbreakable eating utensils (plate, cup, bowl, k,f,s) __ Sleeping pad (closed cell or Therma-rest)
__ Spare prescription glasses __ Safety strap for glasses
__ Sleeping bag ( to 10 F) in stuff sacs w/ plastic liners __ 1 qt. nalgene (unbreakable plastic) water bottle
__ Compass __ Spare tampons
__ Binoculars __ Foot powder
__ Hand Lense (15x or 20x) __ Rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol
  Note: No Open toed shoes or sandals will be allowed as camp shoes to be worn around camp.

Note: Strive to bring clothes that are brown, tan, or green in color. Avoid white or bright colors such as blue (blue stands out more so than red). The reason for this is to minimize our visual presence to the wildlife. You will quickly find that this makes a difference in our impact on wildlife.

EXTRAS: Camera, Notebook & staff manual, Pencil/pen, quotations/stories to share, field guides, personal map,

DO NOT BRING: Radios, Tape players, Recreational drugs, Alcohol

NOTE: The U.M.D. RSOP Outdoor Rental Center rents a variety of individual equipment. Please anticipate your needs and reserve equipment early at (218) 726-6134.