EnEd 5325
Criteria for Presenting your Projects
Use this format whether you are presenting an update or your final presentation.

A) Use audio-visual aids (or any other technology) to make your message the strongest.
(POWERPOINT, hand outs, overheads, slides, maps, etc.)

B) Presentation:
1. 1 person at the podium at a time.

2. Introduce yourself ; Group members ; Your topic title.
3. Introduce your topic (put it in context so the audience understands why you are doing the presentation)
4. Identify the issue.
5. Explain what has been done by your group to investigate the topic.
6. Present the topic/issue itself.
What is the issue and what are the opposing sides to it?
7. Conclude - what you covered today
- Where you intend to go next
- Present your recommendations for change.

C) Professional expectations
1. Know your material. You must know what you are talking about. (Include ecological; social; management; and, economic aspects of your issue)
2. Present you material in an organized manner - using the best technology available. Remember, you want to make your message as powerful as possible. That is accomplished by the organization and presentation of your material - not by how strong your convictions are.
3. Present yourself professionally
a. Speak clearly and articulately
b. Dress professionally - dress as you would for a very important interview.
4. Identify your sources.
Present them in APA format:

Mooers, H. (1999) How to present an environmental issue. Journal of Environmental Issues. Vol. 1, No. 1. Pp 2-5. Duluth,

D. For updates, present in 10 minutes with 10 minutes for questions
For Final presentation, present in 40-45 minutes with 10 minutes for questions.

Finally, you have some great ideas! Now we want you to get them across so that you are heard!!