EnEd 5560 - Research & Issues (3 Cr)
Spring, 2018
Monday, noon-2:50 pm
Instructor: Dr. Ken Gilbertson
email: kgilbert@d.umn.edu


Class Meeting #1:

The differring teaching stategies that I will use for this course include Lecture, Jig-saw, Small Group Discussion, and Class Presentation. Our first class room meeting will be used as an introduction to research as it pertains to Outdoor Education.

I will assume a couple of things:

1. You understand the theories and semantics of our field. Thus, when I use the term "Outdoor Education", you understand that I am being inclusive of Environmental Education, Adventure Education, Interpretation, and Experiential Education.

2. You have taken the Education course on research methods and design (or some similar type of course).

Read: The Research Question and Validity

Thus, from the above, I will proceed with an overview of research design and the state of our field relative to research versus application.

Your assignment for Class Meeting #1:

1. Review your readings list just enough to have an idea of the layout and general topics of the packet. Click on Readings List.
My goal is to present you with the range of research designs that have been used in our field. Many of the articles in the Readings list are landmark (orginal & significant) studies. It is from this base that we will examine how designs & methods of research have changed as well as what advances researchers are taking.

2. Read the beginning materials from Stanley and Campbell - Research designs including the strengths & limitations of each design. Design Explanations
Read pages 5-6; 8; 40; & 56 in Campbell & Stanley. This book is in the CEED library. I have the two pages of primary designs used in our field posted on my web site on Table of Contents & Format.
2a. How to build a research matrix

3. Read the articles relative to problems with research. This is the article: Reseacher & Practitioner by Ewert.

4. Go to the library and familiarize yourself with the professional journals in Outdoor Education.

From this first class period, we will then proceed into specific articles.

I look forward to working with you in this course. I enjoy this one because it becomes the foundation of understanding our field as a profession which then guides us toward contributing to making it even stronger.