EnEd 5560
Research and Issues
Spring, 2018
Unit #3

The schedule for our next class will be as follows:

A. Be prepared to present the outline of your thesis to your classmates. As we discussed you have a maximum of 5 minutes to cover the outline that I handed out to you last class period. You will actually be presenting this toward the end of the term, yet I want you to begin your preparations for this piece.

(For those of you who are not conducting research, I want you to present your thesis as if it were a research study. For the purposes of this class, I want you to be able to formulate a research question, resulting in appropriate design, methods, and analysis - even though your actual thesis may not be a research study.)

B. The second phase of the class will be your opportunity to share your readings with classmates.

Questions you should be prepared to answer regarding your article:
1. What is the Problem Statement (or Research Question)?
2. What is the design of the study?
3. What was the conclusion?
4. Does the conclusion make sense in relation to the design? What are the validity threats to the conclusion?
5. What is the significance of the article? (Keep in mind that significance can be from the subject being study, the methods, and/or the conclusion or findings.)

This class period we will be focusing more on various designs used in Outdoor & Environmental Education, than on significance of outcomes.

Your reading assignments are as follows:

Group Members Readings Assignment
A: Steve

*Adventure Model - Ewert & Hollenhorst
*Physiological Effects of Adv. Ed. - Bunting

B: Kfukfu & Josh

*Predictors of Env. Literacy - Gilbertson
*Japanese Perceptions of Wildlife

C: Trisha 

*Impact of Camping on children
*Developing Country Parks & Conservation Educ.

D: Eva

*Meta-analysis of Responsible Environmental Behavior

*Attitude & Behavior Research In Conservation Ed.

C. We will conclude with a discussion on the significance of this research on our field and what the implications are/have been for outdoor education.