EnEd 5560
Research and Issues
Spring, 2018
Unit #4

The schedule for our next class will be as follows:

A. Present the articles in Science Education as it pertains to environmental education and science literacy/environmental literacy

Your discussion based on the readings. This set addresses some limitations and subsequent implications toward our field.

This class period will now focus on current research literature in Outdoor Education. These next readings will pertain more specifically to each of your thesis topics.

Your reading assignments are as follows: (ALL OF YOU WILL READ THE SAME ARTICLES)

1. Public unconvinced about env. problems (Question: How is this the same today? Why or why not?)
2. Literature on Restorativeness(What research supports this? Why is this important? Refer to the "Future of Outdoor Education" article.)

B.Second, Find a research article in a SCIENCE EDUCATION RELATED JOURNAL that is pertinent to your personal/professional interestsand/or your thesis ideas. Plan your presentations on your specific research article. You will be given 10 minutes TOTAL time. You should prepare your presentation in either PowerPoint or on overheads so that you can present your material clearly and efficiently to your colleagues.


Meaning, you will be providing 2 presentations.

Questions you should be prepared to answer regarding your article:
1.Present the title of the article, with complete APA citation.
2. Present an overview of the abstract (what is the article about?)
a. What is the Problem Statement (or Research Question)?
b. What is the design of the study?
c. What was the conclusion?
d. Does the conclusion make sense in relation to the design? What are the validity threats to the conclusion?
e. What is the significance of the article? (Keep in mind that significance can be from the subject being study, the methods, and/or the conclusion or findings.)

Be prepared to ask questions of the presenter in a manner that:

1. Elicits a greater clarity toward the topic. or,

2. That indicates implications toward our field. or,

3. Suggest a stronger methodology/theoretical foundation/conclusion.

Your reading assignments are as follows: (We will determine who will read which article in class)

Group Members Readings Assignment
A: Eva & Josh


B: Steve


C: Kfukfu


D: Trisha