EnEd 5560
Spring, 2018

Assignment #5

I. Present an article on Sustainability Education. Discuss what we know about SE and where we seem to be headed next.

Looking back on the term, you have reviewed research literature in Adventure, Environmental, and Science education. You have gained an understanding of research design, what literature exists (both historically and currently), and what the common designs are.

II. Based on this knowledge, I want you to identify 5 professional issues relative to the purpose of this course. Come to class (April 30) prepared to discuss those issues as well as share your thoughts on what you can do as a professional in outdoor education and what course our general profession might take to improve upon the issues and limitations that exist today in our field.

III. Finally, your last assignment will be to write a brief overview of what awareness, knowledge, and skills you have gained from this course (this is not a course evaluation, but a personal assessment/reflection). Include what professional issues you are most aware of and what you can do to contribute to our profession to improve. This overview should be brief - approximately 3-4 pages. (Due, April 30, noon)