Assignment #2: Activity Points

#2: Activity Participation (10 points each. Total = 20 points)
To expand your exposure to a variety of outdoor activities other than are offered through this course, you are required to attend at least 2 different outdoor events from the Outdoor Program Calendar or pre-approved off campus events. Note that there are many free outdoor calendar events, if you sign up early for them! Each is worth 10 points. These must be an activity (not a lecture) that is nature or outdoor education based.

Print the following form for your use:


Activity Points Form

Name _______________________

Activity _______________________
Date / Location_______________________________________
Leader _______________________________
Leaders signature _________________________________
Describe your experience: What did you Learn?



Tell me about the environment: where were you and what was the weather like, also was it a suitable environment for learning?




How could this activity be improved on, and would you do this again?