Movin' On
by: Harry Roberts

To access this book:

First, I recommend that you download this book onto your computer, then print each chapter. It is an excellent book - one of the best for beginning winter camping. We have stored each chapter in a separate "pdf" file so that it is easier for you to download and print.

To access, follow these steps:
1) Go to the UMD Home Page on the internet:
2) Select the "Teaching & Learning" section
3) Select "UMD Library"
4) Click on "Circulation Services"
5) Click on "Look Up Reserve"
6) Type in your course number (Rec 1204 or Rec 1202) - Click on Course number
7) Click on the course number that comes up (Rec 1202 or Rec 1204)
8) From there you will see postings of various sections (chapters) of the book. Click on the "view" button. A web address will show. Click on the web address.
That chapter of the book will appear electronically (it may take a moment for Acrobat Reader (the software that allows you to read it) to boot up) BE PATIENT.
You can now read the material from the screen, or you may choose to copy it. You do have permission to copy it for this class.