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FMIS 4520 – Health Care Organization and Management


HCM 4520: Health Care Organization & Management

Course Syllabus


Fall 2009

T Th 2-315 PM

Location LSBE 229


Instructor: Jill Klingner, R.N. Ph.D.

Office: 335 K – FMIS Department Suite

Telephone: 726-8626

E-mail: klin0089@d.umn.edu

Office hours: Thursday 930-1030 AM, Wednesday 930-11 AM & by appointment


Successful completion of or concurrent enrollment in MgtS 3401 (Organizational Behavior & Management).


Course Materials

Sign up for

1. Kaiser First Dose and

2. Kaiser Weekly

At the Kaiser Foundation Website




Rule of Arguments, by Anthony Weston (Hackett Publishing Company, 1992)

One copy on reserve in library.



Introduction to Health Care Management by Sharon B. Buchbinder, & Nancy H. Shanks, (2007). Jones & Bartlett, Publishers.


Additional Materials as assigned.


Course Description

This course is designed for undergraduate students who seek an understanding of the administration, organization and delivery of health care in the United States. This course studies the organizational structures, types of governance, and management issues of the American health care system.


Topics to be examined include introduction to health care systems; managing health services organizations and systems; health care environments, administrative responsibilities and structures; and function and roles of professional and non-professional staff.


Knowledge Objectives

The course is designed to provide students with an understanding of (1) health care organizations; (2) change in the health care industry and environment; and (3) management’s role in health care organizations.


Course Structure

The course will incorporate both lecture and discussions.  Discussion among the group is highly encouraged and will contribute to the final course grade.  The course relies on texts and case studies that play a vital role in comprehension of the subject.  Therefore, in order for the student to carry on a coherent discussion, the assigned reading must be finished prior to the class meeting. 


Course Requirements                     

3 Quiz                                                         10-40 points                 

2 Exams                                            100                      

4 Assignments                                  25-75 points each

1 Presentations                                 25 points             

1 Final exam                                               150 points           


Attendance is required.

                                      After 3 missed classes your grade will drop one grade (A to A-) for example

                                                   three missed classes= no grad change,

                                                   4 missed classes = one grade drop,

  for example A to A-

   6 missed classes = two grade drop.

  for example A to B+


Grading Scale


Percent of  total points available




92 to <96%


88 to<92%


84 to <88%


80 to <84%


76 to <80%


72 to <76%


68 to < 72%


60 to < 68%





Ethical Conduct
Cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated and will be treated according to University policy (http://www.d.umn.edu/catalogs/current/umd/policies.html). All infractions will be reported to the academic integrity office. For prose assignments you must use the plagiarism software. Any plagiarism or cheating will result in a zero grade for that assignment, exam or quiz.


Any disruptive activity in class that interferes with others' ability to see, hear, think or work is unacceptable. Please be polite and refrain from side bar conversations. If someone else's conduct poses problems, then please inform me immediately.


Special Arrangements/Facilities
Individuals who have any disability, either permanent or temporary, which might affect their ability to perform in class, are encouraged to inform the instructor at the start of the semester. Adaptation of methods, materials or testing may be made as required to provide for equitable participation. It is your responsibility to contact the Disability Service and Resources for advice regarding adaptations.

WebVista Disclosure

In this class, our use of technology will sometimes make students' names and U of M Internet IDs visible within the course website, but only to other students in the same class. Since we are using a secure, password-protected course website, this will not increase the risk of identity theft or spamming for anyone in the class. If you have concerns about the visibility of your Internet ID, please contact me for further information.



Out of respect for everyone’s time, class will begin and end on time. Attendance for each class is required as reflected in the grading.



Assignments must be submitted electronically and are due at 11:59 pm on the due date. Assignments submitted 0-12 hours late will lose 25%, 12-24 hours late will lose 50%. Assignments more than 24 hours late will not be accepted.


Assignments should be submitted to WebVista.



Course Outline and Reading List





Sept 7

Overview of course

Over view of HC



Take VARK learning test at




Sept 9

What is health?

How is it produced?


Guest speaker ?


VARK assignment due

Sept 14

Current changes in

Health Care Delivery in the U.S. – How to stay on top of them.





Sept 16

Health care sector trends/ financing




Read all sections of the Kaiser Family Foundation’s-

Trends and Indicators in the Changing Health Care Marketplace

Chapter 7 Buchbinder

Quiz 1 (Market trends; health and health production)

Sept 21




Sept 23


10 minutes each regarding facility or provider type (one person presents or is on a panel) discuss the business roles in the facility or industry role


Sept 28




Sept 30


Groups of 2-3 people with the same facility or provider types meet to discuss their findings and prepare presentation


Oct  5



Quiz 2

Oct  7


Groups of 2-3 people with the same facility or provider types meet to discuss their findings and prepare presentation


Oct 12

Exam 1



Oct 14

Cost containment

Chapter 8 Buchbinder

Case study discussion



Oct 19

Rural Health trends


Case study discussion

Assignment 1 due (Facility or provider paper)

Oct 21

Pharmaceuticals and devices



Oct 26

Health care workforce

Chapter 9 Buchbinder

Case study discussion

Assignment 2 due

Oct 28

Case studies



Nov 3

Exam 1

(All course work to date.)


Nov  5

Case studies




Nov 10

Career discussions

Discuss job sectors, careers, pathways.



Nov 12

Information management

Chapter 6 Buchbinder

Case study discussion


Nov 17

Governance and leadership

Chapter 1 Buchbinder

Case study discussion


Nov 19

HC teams

Chapter 11  Buchbinder

Team building exercises


Nov 23

Exam 2

All material to date


Nov 26




Dec 1


Chapter 5 Buchbinder




Dec 2 Assignment 3 due

Assignment 3 due

Dec 3

Case studies discussions



Dec 8

Health Policy

Introduction from Essence of Decision Making by Allison and Zelikow



Dec 10

Government role International comparisons


Quiz 3

 Dec 15




Monday Dec 21