Assignments for EdAd 5911

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.
John F. Kennedy

Due dates are listed below. Once the time period for a moodle unit has passed, the opportunity to acquire points for participation is gone. As you will see, much of the work for this class is centered around being prepared and participating in class discussions in Moodle.

Each week, points for Moodle participation will be posted to UMD's egradebook. You may view your grades/progress in egradebook.

A final grade based on work completed will be submitted 7/06/12. Any work completed after that time needs to be negotiated with me and a grade change will be submitted upon turning in work.



% of Grade

Due Date

#1 Leadership Self-Analysis

10%  - 100pts July 1, 2012

#2 Leadership Interview

5%  - 50pts June 22, 2012
#3 PPT & Facilitation of Discussion 5%  - 50pts June 18-24, 2012

#4  Moodle Participation - completion and quality of each unit's discussion(s) and class activities



4 units @200 pts each

Unit 1-June 4-10

Unit 2-June 11-17

Unit 3-June 18-24

Unit 4-June 25-June 29


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