Anagha Kulkarni (Joshi) - Name Conflate

nameconflate is a data creation utility for word sense disambiguation/discrimination experiments. In particular, we have used this to test the SenseClusters package ( nameconflate can also be viewed as a document format converter utility because it accepts input files in either English GigaWord format or plain text format and converts it to SENSEVAL2 format. The main speciality of nameconflate is its capability to take given words or patterns and mask each of occurrence of the given words or words matching the given patterns in the input data and thus artificially create ambiguity.
For further details please refer to the Readme included in the distributions below.

NameConflate v0.16
NameConflate v0.15
NameConflate v0.14
NameConflate v0.13
NameConflate v0.12
NameConflate v0.11
NameConflate v0.10
NameConflate v0.09
NameConflate v0.08
NameConflate v0.07
NameConflate v0.06
NameConflate v0.05
NameConflate v0.04
NameConflate v0.03
NameConflate v0.02
NameConflate v0.01

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