Definition. Sterilization involves surgical methods that make a person incapable of reproducing. Some people choose sterilization as a means of birth control. When this method is forced upon people such as undereducated, poor, feeble-minded, young, and minority women and men is becomes eugenics. Eugenics has been variously defined as a wedding of biology and politics with the proclaimed intention of saving the human species.

Problem: Sterilization is a choice for some people but for others it is forced upon them. This forced sterilization had been applied to individuals because of their mental abilities, race, and sexuality, this has been known as Eugenics. We maintain that no person should have this state forced upon them against their will but should be allowed to choose them.


Why it is an issue Eugenics and forced sterilization are anthropologically important because they generally marginalizes minority cultures and impede on the reproductive rights of the people. The impact of modern science on government will make the problem of protecting individual rights and individual privacy all the more imperative in the years to come. The most famous and frightening examples of eugenics are genocide, like the concentration camps of WWII and mass murders of Native Americans. Unfortunately, eugenics has been happening all over the globe to wipe out choice minorities and promote the powerful.



Case Examples:

Puerto Rico: Unethical and illegal drug testing on women

United States: 27 US states have laws permitting forced sterilization.

China: China's one child per family legislation has led to widespread forced sterilization.


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