revised syllabus

Anthropology 1095 Freshman Seminar
MWF 9:00 to 9:50 in 214 Cina Hall
Spring Semester 2001

Instructor: Linda S. Belote, Ph.D.

Office hours: MW 3:20 - 4:00, T 9:30 to 11
217 Cina Hall
Phone 726-6340
Home phone: 525-5313
email :
Class alias: anth1095-1-S2001

Book: Speak Truth to Power by Kerry Kennedy Cuomo and Eddie Adams

Course Objectives:

Anthropology 1095 is in Liberal Education Category 8, Contemporary Social Issues and Analysis. It also meets the international perspective requirement.


2 papers @ 150 points each = 300
3 exams  @ 150 points each = 450
2 class presentations,100each=200
class participation = 50 points = 50
Total = 1000 points


Individuals who have any disability, either permanent or temporary, which might affect their ability to perform in this class are encouraged to let me know at the start of the semester. Adaptations of methods, materials, or testing may be made as required to provide for equitable participation.


I expect students to attend every class and to come to class prepared, having read the assignment for the day as indicated on the syllabus. This course is a seminar, which means all students participate actively in the discussion, and that the comments of each student are valuable, and will be included in the material of the class on tests. I expect students to treat all members of the class with respect, which includes no private talking or whispering during class, so that all may hear the person who is speaking to the group. This extends to the end of the period. Please do not begin to "pack up" before the class period ends. You can expect the following of me: I will come to class prepared; I will stay current with my information to the best of my ability, and I will try to be stimulating and sensitive to differences among you in your learning needs. I will end on time. I will be absolutely fair in assessing your performance in the class.

SNOW DAYSBB If classes are canceled on a day an exam is scheduled it will be given during the next regular class.




17 Introduction. What ARE human rights? Brainstorming.

19. Anthropology and human rights. Bring to class a newspaper, book or magazine article which includes the words "human rights" (This canNOT be from the Web). Read handout: UDHR and Declaration on Anthropology and Human Rights

22. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Bring to class something on one of these topics: The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, The International Covenant on Social, Economic and Cultural Rights, the Conventions on Torture, Genocide, and Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, The International Criminal Court. You CAN use the web for this assignment.

24. Human Rights issues. Read Speak Truth to Power, Introduction pp. 6-11. Pick Rights Defender.

26 Human Rights and war. Read Anonymous, Sudan pp. 180 - 184.

29 Eyes on the Prize: Ain't gonna shuffle no mo video

31 Catherine Ishino exhibit: Re-rememberances, Tweed museum


2 Review for exam

5 Exam I

7 Colombia: Carolina Hernandez, guest presenter. Read Jaime Prieto Mendez pp. 81 - 83.

9 DR of the Congo: Nkasa Yelengi, guest presenter. Read Guillaume Ngefa Atondoko pp. 200 - 203

12 America Needs Human Rights: video

14 Kenya: Njoki Kamau, guest presenter. Read Wangari Maathai pp. 38-43 and Koigi wa Wamere pp. 167-171

16-21 Student presentations on Human Rights defenders

23 Children's Rights read Kek Galabru pp. 176 - 179; Marion Wright Edleman pp. 188 - 193

26 Among Equals + Banking on Life and Debt: video. Read Bruce Harris pp. 20 - 24

28 Child Labor Video: Zoned for Slavery. Read Kailash Satyarthi pp. 212 - 215


2 Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered Discrimination. Read Patricia Jimenez pp.

5 Guest presenter

7 Exam 2

9 No Class

12 - 16 Spring Break Go to the website of one of the HR organizations listed on 250 - 251 and read about the organization, and send them an email with a polite query or a word of encouragement. Bring a print out of their web page (or an important part of it if it's too long) which tells who they are, what they do and why on the 19th. Also bring a copy of their reply to your email, if you get one.

19 Human Rights Organizations pp. 250 - 251. Pick HR defenders for second presentation

21 John Gibson, MN Human Rights dept.

23 The Gene Hunters video

26 Intellectual Property Rights, Trevor Swoverland, guest presenter

28 Blowpipes and Bulldozers video


2 - 6 Refugees, displacement, asylum video: Moving Mountains

9 Fulfilling Responsibilities

11 Eyes on the Prize II : The Promised Land video

13 - 20 Student Presentations

20 - Anthropological ethics

25, 27, 30 Gandhi video


2 Globalization and Human Rights. Read Ka Hsaw Wa pp. 72-75.

4 Review for final

Final exam Monday May 7 at 8:00 a.m. til 9:55 in this room, 214 Cina Hall.