ANTH 4653
T-Th 8:00 to 9:15 a.m. 214 CINA Hall
Spring semester 2005

Instructor: Linda S. Belote, Ph.D.
Phone 218-726-6340

Office hours: M noon - 2 p.m.
W noon - 3 p.m.

Office: 217 Cina Hall
Class alias: anth4653-1-S2005

Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Controversial Issues in Anthropology 2nd edition by Kirk Endicott and Robert Welsch
Human Rights, Culture and Context edited by Richard A. Wilson
UMD Career Handbook (provided at no charge by UMD Career Services)


1. To provide an overview of the state of current anthropological knowledge, summarizing and synthesizing the broad field of anthropology for majors in their last year of study.
2. To provide a group research opportunity for seniors to enhance methodology skills.
3. To acquaint seniors with their post-graduation options: internships, employment, graduate school, (others?) and the range of options within these choices.


FULL participation of each student enrolled in the class is mandatory.

As a member of a 4 person team, students will: conduct library research, write a group proposal, develop appropriate instruments as needed, compose interview questions, write a final report, give a formal group presentation of the research results and produce a webpage for their project.

As a member of a two person team, students will conduct two in-person interviews, one to be taped, one not taped.

As an individual each student will interview 2 other people by letter, phone or email. Thus each student is involved in 4 interviews which will be written up in fieldnote format. Each team member will assume leadership responsibility for a different aspect of the team ethnography identified below with (L). Leadership, Teamwork and Class Participation will all be considered in the final assessment for a grade.





Group proposal (L) 15% = 150 points
Bibliography (L) 10% = 100
Interview questions (L) 10% = 100
Field notes (4 sets @ 5%ea)** 20% = 200
Presentation ** 10% = 100
Final report (L) 15% = 150
Web Page design (L) 10% = 100
Teamwork and Leadership**   5% =   50
Class participation**   5% =   50
total 100%   1000 points

(L) requires Leader
** grade individually assessed (all others = team grade)

The class will be as successful as we as a group make it. Class discussion based on participation of all members is essential to the stimulation of thought and learning of everyone, including your instructor.

Final grades will be on a straight 1000 point scale as follows:

 934-1000 A 800-833 B- 666-699 D+
900-933 A- 766-799 C+ 600-665 D
866-899 B+ 734-765 C 0- 599 F
834-865 B 700-733 C-  

A violation of UMD's Academic Honesty Policy (behavior which is also referred to as Scholastic Misconduct) such as cheating, plagiarizing or any other "act which violates the rights of another student in academic work or that involves misrepresentation of your own work" will result in penalties up to and including an F for the course.


Individuals who have any disability, either permanent or temporary, which might affect their ability to perform in this class are encouraged to let me know at the beginning of the semester. Adaptations of methods, materials, or testing may be made as required to provide for equitable participation.


I expect students to attend every class and to come to class prepared, having read the assignment for the day as indicated on the syllabus. I expect students to treat all members of the class with respect, which includes no private talking or whispering during class, so that all may hear the person who is speaking to the group. This extends to the end of the period. Please do not begin to "pack up" before the class period ends. You can expect the following of me: I will come to class prepared; I will stay current with my information to the best of my ability, and I will try to be stimulating and sensitive to differences among you in your learning needs. I will end on time (with your help!). I will be absolutely fair in assessing your performance in the class.

SNOW DAYS Whatever class activities are canceled by a snow day will be undertaken in the next regular class.



Jan. 18. Introductions, review objectives. Self-assessment Janet Pribyl, Career Services, guest presenter

20 Team building. Casey Kiess, Asst. Director of Housing, guest presenter.

25 What IS Anthropology? Project guidelines. Meeting schedules. Choose research topic. Read "Bringing Practice In"

27 Proposal writing. Elements of a good proposal.

Feb. 1 Human Subjects, Research ethics. Distribution of leadership responsibilities. Read AAA Code of Ethics and IRB's Protecting Human Subjects Guide also read Taking Sides Part 5 pp.

3 Doing ethnography; identifying prospective informants; writing questions. Qualitative interviewing. Read Wilson Chapter 3

8 Writing field notes; using a digital camera; final report requirements. Read Wilson Chapter 6

10 Anthropologists' role in Human Rights research. Cultural relativism vs. cultural activism: inherent conflict? Debate. Read Wilson introduction.

15 Research bibliography is due (one book, one journal article, one web site per team member). Human rights discussion continued.

17 Post B.A. options Janet Pribyl guest presenter. Read Career Handbook pp 7, 14-27, 31-34.

22.Good draft of the proposal is due. Post B.A. options con't. Janet Pribyl guest presenter.Set up separate meetings with me.

24 Reviewing methods and project organization for research.



 1 catching up

 3 Frontiers in Archaeology Jen Jones, guest presenter Read Taking Sides Issue 5

8 Anthropological linguistics Jim Belote guest presenter Read Taking Sides: Issue 7

10 Applied Anthropology presenter Linda Belote Read Taking Sides: Issue 17

15 Practicing Anthropology, Dave Woodward, US Forest Service Archaeologist Read Taking Sides: Issue 6

17 Biological Anthropology guest presenter Art Aufderheide Read Taking Sides: Issue 1

21 - 25 Spring Break

29 Reviewing methods and project organization for research

31 Web page design


5 Lyn and John Pegg* guest presenters: human rights activists Read Wilson chapter 8

7 No class (comp time for interviews)

12 Angie Nichols* guest presenter, UMD GLBT Services Director

14 Interview debriefing

19 Field notes due. Bret Thiele* guest presenter Amnesty International

21 Final report preparation, in class

26 Video: Honor killing

28 Putting up the webpage. Personal statements on the web

May 3 FINAL REPORT, PRESENTATION IN CLASS (with invited guests!).

5 Teamwork, leadership evaluation; Reflection


All web pages must be up and fully functional by Tuesday May 10 at 5:00 p.m.
The final report must be complete and submitted Tuesday May 10 at 5:00 p.m.