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analog reel-to-reel recordings- e.g., - c. 19 75 + year digitized- c. 20 05 
Title -c. 758597 Mars Moon Snatch: moon orbit (part 1), cardinal train via the permanent forest terrain instrument 00/01 (positioning, part 2 )
Description- ..recordings were made in Coralville, Iowa, 1975 beneath two giant willow trees using a Nagra analog reel-to-reel recorder and mics & sensors were positioned beneath a supported tarp. A mainly lightning-filled, mild thunderstorm moved slowly over head... and this soundscape commemorates Miami Prof. Singer's plan to place a Mars moon into an Earth orbit...
analogue & digital recordings are CHRONOLOGICAL



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Earth guest listening to sound artifacts

Thu, Jun 21: enjoying borrowed terrestrial winds

media ecologies
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Forest Data Mining

giving global's artifacts

mnartists.org | Sound in Art/Art in Sound

leif BRUSH log

lassooing phenomena


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Rhizome.org: leif BRUSH

DAW06 Soundscapes For Two Channels

Stereolith Works Program, ETH Zürich

Digital Art Weeks chairs, Jürg Gutknecht, Art Clay, Stefan Müller Arisona

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Stuttgart// Beyond 440 Cycles per Second by Volker Staub

current sounds



neighborhood broadcasting a n d repeater


ACOWO Artists (L-Q)


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retired from university teaching

Lördag 16 mars Andreas Berthling Norrköpings Konstmuséum

Open Museum Net. Art

Metroactive Arts works/San Jose



November Stephen Wilson, Information Arts: Intersections of Art, Science, and Technology-- "An introduction to the work and ideas of artists who use--and even influence--science and technology." some artists included

hjem.get2net bidragydere- contributors

kaon soundwork pages

jukebox.thing.net s o u n d

Rioux's Records

Mars Moon Snatch, positioning, part 2

Moniek Darge: Probleemstelling actuele kunst, partim AUDIO ART

'From dead ceo:

Layeral Intersect #1 "terrain & comment" On this disc, Kim Cascone reworks the sounds of Kaffe Matthews, Leif Brush, Toshimaru Nakamura, and
Andreas Berthling .
Kim Cascone's label- Anachoic and "... The intention is to release
10 cds by Kim each featuring a soundmix of selected artists. ...the "Layeral Intersect Series" will be from various combinations of artists ... the idea is to "force" collaborative work via a third party who then finds new spaces in the material when mixed together... I am doing this is conjunction with the
Deadtech Gallery in Chicago am really excited about getting to work with some very talented composers..."

"Layeral Intersect #2 - Pseudosphere" with Brent Gutzeit,
*0, duul_drv, Richard Chartier

"Layeral Intersect #3 - Orthogonal" " A soundmix of Markus Schmickler, Christophe Charles, Carl Stone and
Stephan Mathieu

NTNU, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

" thoughts on the future of electronic art and nature "




a/digital server node series: windwitness in progress

"Working Within the System" by Tim Anderson is a critique of Tweed Museum of Art's all systems go exhibition (Duluth Minnesota USA).


CDs on the concepts of TRACE: A collection of Artist's Soundworks, double cd ARECD102- 1st CD 1999 Audio Research Editions and ZERO ARECD103. Curator: Colin Fallows, Liverpool, UK. Comments by Alice Angus [Pisces Monkey] and sounds from radioqualia. Thunderstone's Webinator: Meklçðana Latvijas WWW : Lîdzîgie


tiln - leif brush

"All Circuits Are Go," by Ann Klefstad, review of the Tweed Museum of Art endeavor: I Ask You Internet exhibition, Duluth News Tribune, 2 November.

"Technology Transforms Tweed: UMD Art Professor's 20-Year Vision Realized in New Exhibit,"by Jason Skog, front page article with photograph for Tweed's endeavor: I Ask You exhibition, Duluth News Tribune, October .

Citation in "Sound Shards: Chicago's Sonic Arts," by John Corbet, in Art in Chicago 1945-1995, catalog for the exhibition of the same name, published by Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, January.

Contributor by invitation, Project Intercommunication Centers CD-ROM version of the Artist Database, a project of the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, Tokyo. One of 300 artists worldwide working with electronic media invited to submit photographs, sound and biographical material. Produced as a working research version, 12/94-95. The available final version coincides with the opening of the Center in Tokyo.

Ear to the Ground, interactive (on-the-floor) sound installation, all-campus Faculty Exhibition, Katherine E. Nash Gallery, Wiley Hall, University of Minnesota, January .


Multimedia and interactive works in the Faculty Biennial Exhibition included
Jukebox-in-the-sky over deconstructed voting booth ..installations utilizing lights and interactive sound.

Red Eye Theater, Minneapolis, Minnesota, An Evening with Warren Burt&b and Friends, sound collaboration/performance by Warren Burt and five other artists involving music, Brush Terrain Instruments sound, video, koto and khene, etc.

The Sound Symposium, Art and Culture Centre and other locations, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada, curated by Charles de Mestral. Lend Me Your Ears: Sound City Spaces: Visual/Sound Art Exhibition
Charles de Mestral (Quebec)
Visual/Sound Works by:
Ernie Althoff (Australia)
Ros Bandt (Australia)
Andres Bosshard (Switzerland)
Leif Brush (Duluth, Minnesota, USA)
Bill and Mary Buchan (New York)
Andrew Culver (New York)
Charles de Mestral & Paul Mercier (Montreal)
Pierre Dostie (Montreal)
Marcel Dubuc (St-Jean de Matha, Quebec)
Steve Heimbecker (Calgary, Alberta)
Keith Hui (Montreal)
Pierre Marietan (Paris, France)
Montreal St. Patrick's Society (Montreal)
Reinhold Marxhousen (Seward, Nebraska)
Peter Galgay & Bruce McLean (St. John's, Newfoundland)
Tom Nunn (San Francisco)
Ed Osborn (Oakland, California)
Reinhard Reitzenstein & Gayle Young (Grimsby, Ontario)

Banff Centre for the Arts and the University of Calgary, Canada, First International Conference on Acoustic Ecology, The Terrain Instruments Soundworks, sound/video presentation.

Deutsche Sektion der Internationalen Gesellschaft für Elektroakustische Musik:

Leif & Gloria Brush, Monitoring nature's sounds with terrain-based constructions

Soundviews: Sources 'This "who's who" sampler features
excerpts of works from 39 audio artists...'


EMI Back Issues Contents List - Short Version
A Journal in Sound, Brush Terrain Instruments included, Nonsequitur Productions, Santa Fe, New Mexico, U.S.A. AER1991/4 CD & booklet, VERGE

"The Aerial #4" incluye la participación de: Brenda Hutchinson, Peter Van Riper, Erik Belgum, Leif Brush, Elodie Lauten, Elise Kermani, Anna Homler & Steve Moshier, Joseph Weber, Patsy Rahn y N. Sean William.

"Richard Waters' Waterharp; Terrain Instruments by Leif Brush; air column acoustics part II; an early color organ/spectrum analyzer; whistles from beach rocks; Liza Carbé"s Zil; listing of recent articles in other periodicals."

(Backlist by Genre: Experimental
Advanced Search: by label Enter label name: Nonsequitur -- or Aerial # 4)

Terrain Instruments by Leif Brush (V 7, N 6 (July ).


Terrain Instruments Are Activated ( 1975/76 analog recording) Leif Brush realiza instalaciones sonoras haciendo uso de sus intrumentos térreos y una serie de transductores y altvoces que amplifican y articulan diferentes aspectos del fenómeno natural.




thoughts on the future of electronic art and nature
--David Dunn


Montréal :Stamp axe magazine [édité par
Daine Daigneault et Pier Lefebvre], 72 pages dont 50 pages de planches avec texte, 1 feuillet de planche et 2 cassettes audio. ­ 14 x 10,5 cm

87Windr + Belmont Dr 2 live00



University of Minnesota Coffman Galleries, Minneapolis, U.S.A., Technology in a Humane Society, symposium and exhibition.

WGBH-FM, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A., Real Artways, Hartford, and National Public Radio, Washington, D.C., American Music Now inclusion. EMAIL

Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A., Performing Arts Series,

Teleconstructs Spacework III, concluding satellite series.

Part 1 8597moon orbit, cardinal train via the permanent forest terrain instrument 00l; Part 2

Musicworks # 30 Toronto, Ontario, Canada...... Music From Trees, Icefloes and Other Natural Phenomena enter Terrain Instruments, an Interview with Leif Brush, by Gordon Monahan--Whistlers; Windribbon; Vertical Signal Discs; Treeharps Networking

Ear Magazine, New York, U.S.A.


RedNetwork4100 Amelia Earhart info8586thundersrainPTIs00

Logos Foundation

# 30 Sound Constructions MUSICWORKS / MW-30-MAG / ($10.00 MAG + Cassette) Brush, Logos, Monahan, Panhuysen and Goedhart. Paul Panhuysen

Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester, New York, U.S.A., Video Reflected TeleSuonoQuad Soundwork.

Real Art Ways, Hartford, Connecticut, U.S.A., Image Perturbations/Sound Chorographics II (dial-up Terrain Instruments from Duluth, Minnesota).

Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A., soundwork, Image Perturbations/Sound Chorographics.

Audio Arts magazine (William Furlong), on cassette, Vol. 7, sound inclusion, London.

Institute of Contemporary Arts, Audio Arts Library, Teleconstructs. Spacework I, London

Academy of Science Auditorium, Washington, D.C., U.S.A., University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Westar 5, Teleconstructs Spacework II

Hudson River Museum, New York, U.S.A., Westar 5, Teleconstructs Spacework.

Armadio Officina Audio Editions <<MAIL MUSIC>>5 (project of Mail Art, edition sound L.P.33.-1k copies numbered-) compiled and edited by Nicola Frangione



Sonorità Prospettiche, Rimini


Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A., Westar 5, Terraplane Chorography II, International Listening.

ZBS, Fort Edward, New York, U.S.A., Windribbon sound research residency.

Works Gallery, San Jose, California, U.S.A., Duo Sound Invitational.

'79Leif BrushTerrain Instruments & Tom Wegren Steinway grand .aiff lbaudiograph

inside the hidden landscape (color video) &

Terraplane chorography 1 (B&W video)

enter Leif Brush . Author . OK.

Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio, U.S.A., Graspable Atmospheres.

University of Maryland, U.S.A.,
Imported Sources:

Terrain Instruments and Tree Clusters.

Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minnesota, U.S.A.

Forest Compression/Real Time Transmission and Playings from the Terrain Instruments.

University of Chicago Midway Studios, U.S.A

Modulated Laser Sound Performance of the Trees and Lake Superior Ice Floe. With Gloria DeFilipps Brush

Art Research Center, Kansas City, Missouri, U.S.A., Enter the Ether: Multiple (helium-filled) Balloon Sound Spacework.

LaMamelle Gallery, San Francisco, U.S.A., Recorded Terrain Instrument Works.

Goodman Theatre, Chicago, U.S.A., New Music from Chicago.

SUNY at Alfred, New York, U.S.A., Terrain Instruments Structure Series and Voltages from Nature.

N.A.M.E. Gallery, Chicago, U.S.A., Orchestral Concept Array, Terrain Instruments and Personal Scans.


National Public Radio's first arts magazine, Voices in the Wind ("Leif Brush's TERRAIN INSTRUMENTS") hosted by folk singer and historian Oscar Brand.


A graphics plotter for art students course was offered by the U.O.I.Art Dept in the Lindquist Center, Iowa City, Iowa Jim Bowery's SPASIM was born...

Center for New Performing Arts, Iowa City, U.S.A.,
All Occurrences Are Linked: Coralville, Iowa City IOWA-Hancher Auditorium, thunderstorm & woodpecker playings from Johnson Counties ((telephone conference sites were mixedown into Nagra 4.2.l, w/ playback into Voice of the Theater speakers))

School of the Art Institute of Chicago, U.S.A., MFA: Satellite Sound Works: Meadow Piano & Major Winds Playing, Baffin Island, Canada (initial Terrain Instrument concepts). LB as MFA graduate



Museum der zeitgenssischen kunst, Chicago, USA. Mai 26, stichhaltige
Leistung mit Gloria DeFilipps, Burste Leif .

Saugatuck, Michigan, U.S.A., FM transmitters used in radio broadcast of gravel road surfaces with adjoining grass gullies.

Saugatuck, Michigan, U.S.A., from opposite sides of shore on a Lake Michigan inlet, FM two-way radio transmissions are used in directing canvas-in-the-landscape paintings Paw Paw and Lawton, Michigan, U.S.A., Snowflake Sound Sculpture Installations.

lithograph soundtrack: 68 QNSWI 00

FM Transmissions Over the Quiet North Pole: recordings of various atmospheric layerings of elevations over Illinois landscapes, to be broadcast via loudspeakers (from an overhead dirigible) over Baffin Island, Canada.




Darold Roach suggested LB try the SAIC. Applied. Rejected. (challenge:LB should have some drawings before his next application) Was accepted only for the night school. Drawing & more drawing. He was finally accepted to the day school.




Freelance radio commercials (Quaker Oats, Florence Stove Co., Montgomery Wards, etc)


Freelance radio (tapereports)


Tearfull departure from the Keystone Network's Wilkes-Barre-Nanticoke flagship after JFK was headed toward his eventual win. LB was elated and disappointed w/the carboncopying that was going on in radioTV (TV was not radio and required exploration and new talent--not stage holdovers)


Continue in AM radio and freelance news tapereports for xtra $


LB on WHAK radio Rogers City Michigan

Enter commercial radio as news reader, newsman, DJ with pipe, trench coat and Florsheim shoes.


LB was personally driven via Jeep by his "army buddies" to the discharge center and he then flew directly into Chicago's Midway Airport on a Capitol airlines Rolls-Royce propjet.


LB was transfered to Ft Monmouth, New Jersey (Red Bank) as radio technician; thrown out because of illegal FM radio broadcasting from his barracks to the building blocks in an adjacent quadrangle; transferred to Ft Belvoir, Virginia and where he commenced a very rewarding experience and challenge called Operation BAFOXE (basin) (DewLine radar installations above the arctic circle in the Baffin Islands). He travelled aboard this LSD 6 USS Lindenwald, stopped in and later passed by Nova Scotia and sailed northward on the atlantic ocean- as the icebergs headed southward. This Landing Ship Drydock was rescued from a 2' ice pack, proceeded on through additonal southbound ice floes and eventually put down the anchor in Repulse Bay. ((Called an LSD because the rear could be lowered below the water line to offload smaller boats. These craft were used to ferry supplies, people and food between the mother ship and shore.))--Photograph of L.B. on Foxe Peninsula--(voiced descriptions w/o images)


Entered AUS via Ft Leonardwood, Missouri


RCMP extradited LB to Illinois for induction into the AUS


Cont. w/CBC TransCanada Network via CBW, Winnipeg


Outside Broadcast Trainee for the CBC TransCanada Network via CBW, Winnipeg


WJBC, Bloomington, Illinois radio play (written, acted & produced by LB ) Thalia Tarrant's U-High Senior History Class broadcast of "This Heritage of Freedom," was aired the summer of 1950 over WJBC, Bloomington, Illinois USA. The University High School students included Narrator Jessica Means, Sound effects from Lou Ann Unzinger, Zelvin Mitchell, Charles Kolar, Mike Mihalski(sp), Art Stoddard and Norm Foster.

Some technical notes: Leroy Brush checked out from UHIGHs AV Department a (now classic) Brush Soundmirror BK-401 Recorder and/or Player from which this recording was encoded onto Scotch paper-backed tape (today a historic reel-to-reel media). The 3M Co. introduces Scotch No. 100, a black oxide paper tape. Compared to the iron oxide coating on mylar backed tape, it was not up to the High-Fidelity industry standards then evolving in the 1950s. http://reel2reeltexas.com/vinBrush401.jpg There is no family relationship here; however, since I was and am a sound researcher, this was an historic connection I've always appreciated.

The recording is hearable here

"broadcasts" from Cantigny (an orphanage cottage): "sound effects quiz show" were wired to a roof speaker from the 2nd floor bathroom "studio"











For information on ZERO and other Audio Research Editions projects contact

ZERO can be ordered from FACT or at Bluecoat Chambers, School Lane, Liverpool, L1 3BX, ph. 44 (0)151 708 0474, - price [sterling]11, postage world-wide [sterling]3.