Jan 17, 2001 Meet in rooms MWAH 75, 76, 78, BullPub, Equipment Loan and return to ABAH 345 .

Creating Across Disciplines

Fine Art 1300, 5300 4 Credits

Spring Quarter, 2001

Room: ABAH 345 or as announced Monday and Wednesday 2:00-4:20

Instruction, Leif Brush

Office MWAH 76 Hours: Friday-2:00-3:00 by EMAIL appointment or 7268220

Creating Across Disciplines Aliases (fa1300-1-s2001) ( fa5300-1-s2001))


Expectations: Conceive and create new multimedia projects which involve sound and aspects of the visual arts, music, theatre disciplines, and do two public performances.

1 multimedia project-- A choreographer might create a dance based upon sounds and projected computer images and videos. A poet might create a project which alternates live-mic/real time words with recorded words and with slides and photographs. A composer could incorporate visuals projected on dancers and use machine sounds into a scored perfromance. A collaborative team could combine surround sound, QuickTime Web projections, live video camera and sound manipulations. The sound piece may be an excerpt from your project, or be a separate work. Collaborations are encouraged.

2 a sound work-- For the soundwork, it should be original (i.e., not involving the complete recorded works or compositions of others). Various analog and digital recording and editing equipment, including still & digital video cameras, will be available from Equipment Loan for check out. Sound editing software on a Mac computer cart (726 6222) is also available. VCR and Mini-Digital video editing will be available in MWAH 75.

Requirements---Regular class attendance is expected, as well as your participation in discussions. Feel free to bring any visual (or other) aid(s) which can shed light on your ongoing process, and invite us to give feedback. Begin the multimedia project with a discussion on your scheduled day aimed at sharing the basic ideas which may guide or influence the direction of both the multimedia and sound projects you will be considering. You are responsible for reserving/bringing any equipment you will need.

Syllabus, structure-- Prepare for these projects by "exploring & sharing ideas" through in class discussions.

Lead discussions and contribute to ongoing class brain storming about your particular artwork and interests in the areas you've chosen, discusssing the art forms and personal directions you are already most familiar with, and the new ones you intend to explore and combine. Before your turn, get going on some UMD Library, Internet, or comparable research. If you are not presently working in any art form, you may discuss your current observations about art as a viewer or listener. Several discussions are planned and they will follow the schedule we've set today in class. Your discussion and in-progress class presentations will be scheduled for the dates you will draw. We'll complete these before the In-progress discussions and tech days.

-Jan 22 & 24 What can you bring for openers on Monday? continue available hardware demos, slides, video & computer projections and sound.

C A D---Lead participant discussions (Present videos/sounds/visuals/computer projections and any other material which possibly could relate to your multimedia and sound projects by 'exploring' through class discussions/feedback.):Jan 29 Leif Brush; Feb 5 ; Feb 7 Jesse; Feb 12 Trish, Kassie,Tony Notto; Feb 14 Dan, Dani; Feb 19 Eric, Emily; Feb 21 Maggie, Mike, Forrest;Feb 26 work day ; Feb 28 ; Mar 5 Trish; Mar 7 Dan, Jesse, Forrestt;Mar 19 Maggie, Kassie;Mar21 Mike, Eric; Mar 26 Tony, Emily, Dani, Tony Notto Tech days/work days: Mar 28 work day;Apr 2 tech/work day ;Apr 4 tech/work day ; Apr 9 tech/work day ; Lead in progress discussions: Apr 11 Dan Senn in Tweed; Apr 16 & 18 Project focusing. Are your familiar w/the equipment you'll be using? & work days; Apr 23 & 25 tech/work days

Soundworks in BohH 90: Apr 23 or 25 May 2 or 7 ??

Multimedia performance in Bull Pub? 3PM- 'til May 9

Meet in ABAH 345 for final Group Crits and feedback; instructor evaluation . Deliver cassette tapes, CDs videos loaned to Kirby Listening Room ?

Points to remember. You will be expected to formulate projects which combine the influences of three art forms (e.g., dance, (movement),drawing, sculpture, sound, painting, and theatre.) We will schedule technical run-throughs for both public performances. The target dates : (You'll have work days and April 16 & 18 are focusing days and equipment checks, PR details final program-proof check: deciding who goes first.

April 23 and April 25th are tech days. Our sounds will be in BoH 90 April 23 or 25th and, the multimedia performance in the Bull Pub on May 2 or 7. *

( )


CAD Bibliography & URLs in progress

When you're ready to visit the UMD library, try to have an artist or author name, a specific subject, or category of an art form, and a title on hand before looking into the computer on-line catalog: "Periodicals owned by the UMD library." Ask also for the Magazine Collection Issue Guide (Artforum, Art In America, Flash Art, High Performance, New Art Examiner, Art International). Their help desk is just that, and they're on the second floor. Note: Two helpful individuals in the library are Marilyn Russell-Bogle and Mary Anne Carlson. They'll help you locate most anything from videos (film on videos too), to any specific name, topic or subject.

have a look at some URLs (do you have any to include here?):

ideas / concepts / projects / traditional art / now art / developing artforms

Telesthetic Communis by Michelle and Eric Riel

Student World View: Critical Thinking on Art and Society

the virtual institution

theatre/"Perform...someone is always watching"

virtual theatre

The Digital Acropolis

Theatre Without A Theatre

Z to Annoyance Theatre

Adrianne Wortzel's Globe Theater

Students page, University of Wollongong; almost any area of theatre
Lissa's Theatre Page

Technical Theatre Handbook: sound

Set Designer


Visual Arts/ painting/ computer\ et cetera

World's Women

World Museums,e.g.,The Andy Warhol Museum to Norrköping Museum of Art Web's temporarily closed for reconstruction. Your welcome to visit us again later this spring

Candy Factory

Danish sculptor JensGalschiot Christophers


Michael Tracy a founder of the graffiti art movement

Outsider Art

Vuk Cosic's History of Art for Airports

Olia Lialina's My Boyfriend Came Back From The War


*painting, drawing, printmaking, fibers, photography, sculpture, illustration, computer, video, installation *netdreams; artists-A-Z, Sculpture:Artists

minumental sculptures (PAUL St GEORGE: Minumentals question the supremacy of scale, subvert the authority of ownership and challenge the condition of uniqueness)

Diane Bertolo's Frontier Town

music/ sound/to digitalediting noise/ music, multimedia, photography, film, video, et cetera, other

Index of world Labels

New Zealand, England, Australia, New York; computer/electronic

robert c f mulder's skyharp

gotta get Flash plugin: interactive

the sound of traffic lets you know where you are

Sound (text, ambience, city, etc.)

Seth Ellis' and Beth McLendon's "Shift City"

Ed Osborn Last Call Groundswell Radios Appear Skyfill Fence Sitters Whisper Down Blindfield Sound Fan Spur Flatfoot Zaku Zaku Sunny Vista Attempting Ziggurats what becomes (imprint)

Carol Selter's photographs: ... explorations of animal locomotion.


really do wear bells around their necks..."

John Hudak's artificial indexing

Laura Baigorri: Arte en Red (contemporary & electronic art)

Wildlife Sounds and more, Cafe techno Soundz and other links, sci fi cyberwar


Self-Rescue Mechanism

Videotheque of France

The Sound School

PETER DUIMELINKS/FRANS De Waard's"... tracks consist of one for contact mics scratching various surfaces...

Casa das Rosas ((...leap to a new [electronic] civilization in Spanish and English))

search for a Canadian point of view: audio, documentaries, animation, humor, installations, performance, personal documentaries, sexuality & gender, social change 1982-1996,et cetera

Cas de Marez "...explores all the sounds her voice is capable of..."CHRISTOPH HEEMANN"...works with natural sounds, acoustic instruments..."

ROBIN RIMBAUD:'telephone terrorist...' is a techno-data pirate whose scavenging of the electronic communications highways provides the raw materials for hisaural collages of electronic music and 'found' conversations. "He is very experimental because he is searching in a realm of sound which is not usually used for music...he has a good sense of atmosphere." (Karlheinz Stockhausen on Radio 3, August 1995)



MICROPHONE SKIRT (1995) is a skirt made from 20 microphones hanging from an elastic belt.

Celebrating information overload, Techno Animal

Brian Eno ...you can hear it when you want and where you want."

Karlheinz Stockhausen

ELECTRONIC PURGATORY / Kristi A. Allik, Robert C F Mulder

performance/ virtual performance



Genesis Canyon

choreographer Susan Crow & dancer Pippa Emmanuel

mixed-media, interactive installation and dance

"...The role of the observer becomes so to speak the role of a performer who has yet to create the object of his contemplation. The fact that it has existedalready before is thus being questioned, as the thing that has been here before, is something else..."Katharina Gsöllpointner writing about Dan Graham's THREE LINKED CUBES

Annette Weintraub's "Pedestrian , Crossroads & The Pedestrian Project


IMmediaCY "IMmediaCY, a technological theatre" is an integrated media performance where the stage is a huge computer and the audience its user.

forced entertainment


Split personality




Truth is a Moving Target, Erwin Redl's Q and As

" ...the

Web with its randomness and possibilities of

linking and bridging distances..."


Environmental Art (Earth Art)


earth art




franklin furnace


BINGO GAZINGO songwriter of such

songs as Psycho/Psycho, Indecent

Proposal, Up Your Jurassic Park, I Love

You So Fucking Much I Can't Shit,

What is the Meaning of the Garbage

Can, Let It Rock Let It Rip Let It Roll,

David Letterman FFFFFFFFFFFF You,

Is This the Chicken Market, I Left My

Fart in San Zbisco, I'm So Used to

Losin' Will I Lose You Too, Groove On

Hairy Mary Flying Through the Air, Love

Me All the Way to Heaven, and I'm

Gonna Ping Pong You With a Ping

Pong Ball, has been seen in venues

from street corners to MTV's Oddville

and Live With Regis and Kathy Lee. He

has been on the Dr. Demento Radio

Show, and appeared on access cable in

Tromeo and Juliet.

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Brazilian-born choreographer, director,

writer and educator who has been

working in New York City since

graduating from New York University's

Tisch School of the Arts in 1984. The

last installment of her series, Who Killed

Carmen? -- Carmenland, The Saga

Continues, was part of the Whitney

Museum of American Art at Philip

Morris Performance Series Second

Sight, and marked the beginning of her

collaboration with writer/performer

George Emilio Sanchez. The

collaborative relationship continues in

The Architecture of Seeing, a work

developed and performed over the last

two years. Using mambo, cha cha chas

and rock n' roll, this trilingual

multimedia work takes the National

Geographic cultural archetype of the

serape clad peasant, the living Noble

Savage, and the slick talk show hostess,

turning these caricatures inside out to

reinvent them. This is a combination of

a pomo vaudevillian/slapstick

performance environment that

incorporates post-colonial themes. It

explores the space where high art

intersects with elements of popular

entertainment creating a cross-cultural

piece with an improvisatory structure.

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JON KEITH is a writer and performer

whose creative work began in Chicago.

He consistently focuses on the processes

through which memory and desire

shape perception, and contemplates

these processes in object-oriented

performance and storytelling. Since

moving to New York City in 1993, Jon

has presented his work in Manhattan at

the Trocadero Cabaret, P.S. 122, Dixon

Place, Surf Reality, the Kraine Theatre,

and in the Field's Performance Zone

Festivals. In 1997 he created his

one-hour solo theatre piece, Tales

From the Dancing Egg, which he

performed that year during August and

September at the 13th Street Repertory

Theatre. Jon will perform Sunday

Afternoon in the Unisphere, a

fictionalized reminiscence of the 1964

New York World's Fair -- in part, an

exploration of how the Fair's vision of

"the future" collides with the culture of

the 90s. Peculiar souvenirs and tour

descriptions are woven into a tale in

which the past and present are


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HALONA HILBERTZ was born in Austin, Texas and grew up in Munich and Dusseldorf. She studied painting and performance at theHochschule der Bildenden Kunste Saar, Saarbrucken, and at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, before moving to New York in 1996. Halona will present Pseudo Studio Walk, dealing with virtual and actual space. A very elementary physical action-walking/running is used within a medium that normallysymbolizes a very different spacial experience. Using the actual of a venue reserved culturally for virtual spaces, the performance emphasizes different meanings of "space." It is a thing, an effort, an action that, unlike the usual information on the internet, cannot be reproduced. In this sense, it cannot be seen as an action representative of our information age - it is rather an action within a certain medium but also contrary to it. Ms. Hilbertz' performances are influenced strongly by the audience's presence; this time, the mode of transmission to the audience dominates.

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JASON BOWMAN is a Glasgow-based

artist whose practice as a cultural worker

is established not solely on the creation

of art objects but on a diversity of

practice. His works are predominantly

produced by residency format. Jason's

"site-sensitive" projects have been

presented in various contexts including

art institutions, academic institutions,

soup kitchens, factories, hostels for

homeless people, and disused

warehouses. Untitled (Performance for

Cyber Broadcast) will involve the

durational force of one continuous

action which will question the virtual

one-to-one relationship between the

performer and the viewer/browser that

the cyber broadcast may appear to


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JASON BOWMAN is a Glasgow-based

artist whose practice as a cultural worker

is established not solely on the creation

of art objects but on a diversity of

practice. His works are predominantly

produced by residency format. Jason's

"site-sensitive" projects have been

presented in various contexts including

art institutions, academic institutions,

soup kitchens, factories, hostels for

homeless people, and disused

warehouses. Untitled (Performance for

Cyber Broadcast) will involve the

durational force of one continuous

action which will question the virtual

one-to-one relationship between the

performer and the viewer/browser that

the cyber broadcast may appear to



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NORA YORK is an international

performer with two recently released

CD's, To Dream The World (Evidence)

and Alchemy (Polystar, Japan). York's

performances are a collage of musical

and theatrical elements, taking well

known songs and reorienting the listener

through the shifting gender of the lyrics,

or altering the emphasis of the song; her

original songs are a mixture of poetry

and musical genre. For Franklin

Furnace At Pseudo Programs Inc., she

will premiere her collaborative work with

the visual artist NANCY SPERO. Spero's

archetypical female images move from

one York song to the next creating a

visual context and persona for the songs

to inhabit. York will focus on her

reinterpretations of the male dominated

rock-n-roll songs remembered from her

own history, attempting to recode the

sexual stereotypes experienced in her

own coming of age. Along with these

she will introduce evocative original

songs written specifically to explore

Spero's world. York with Spero, explores

the terrain that lies between high art

and entertainment.


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