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  Home from 1861-1967 

(From Home to I.S.&.S.C.S. June 18, 1931 )


Photographs from the late James D Seyster ...

 Near cast iron Main Building steps, Jack Donahue & Pat Taylor

Chink Merrit, Roth 

Harris, Cantigny


Paul Brush


Charles Clough


 Milt Kadlec, ISNU & UHigh grounds

Helen Priest, near storeroom?

Red Mowers & Chink Merrit

Joe Kroll

Gene Farmer


N. end of Boys Row


Paul Brush, Don Campbell ,Tom O"Connel S. of Roth Cottage

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I.S.&.S.C.S. reunion was held September 16, 2000 for '49, '50 & '51 classes.

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