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I seek engagement with you- using WEB 2- for a 2-way participatory networking process in which an ear-cleaning approach is the basis for sustained realtime listening of natural phenomena and which works onthrough a collective goal: recontextualizing sound in art. "(nature/tree/tech) Leif Brush's soundworks "

I've monitored potentials from extraterrestrial Sferics, terrestrial ground-truth, trees, lakes, the earth's sonics (via the WINDRIBBON. Signal Discs, Draft Monitor, Windscube, terrestrial Whistlers, Meadow Piano ), and then to their mixed extraterrestrial, spatial Audible Constructs. Listening sites reached through the sensors of others are of particular interest to me. My longstanding interest in physical phenomena can produce mixtures in realtime of the inprogress Windribbon v4.2. within an interactive networking, joining your listening source(s) between and among participating servers.


My professional career (CV) in sound has explored an intermediary role, sharing through various public performances the potentials of amplified, otherwise unheard and sensor-perceived contextual voltages from nature. E A R fulls ; Leif Brush; b /wind &voice data poetry / earlier later n mpg3 b/QT4