Sonia Landy Sheridan + "...A work sent into cyberspace can be enriching, repetitive, boring, overexposed, energizing, corrupting, nourishing, exciting or stale."

Bill and Mary Buchen++ "A rich presentation of the sounds of places, people, animals and machines at work in the unique soundscape of Sonic Architecture. Discover how many sounds you can make and where you hear them"! Terminology: sonic: adj: pertaining to sound waves in architecture; noun: art of designing structures.

Andreas Troeger+ "...Chaos is more than an adjective to qualify a particular generation. CHAOS is our irrevocable fate..."

Ros Bandt+ Stargazer: Car Park Pieces+ has no boundaries. It is an essential life energy, as transitory as life itself. Sound, caused by vibrating matter, may articulate each moment as it passes..."

Andres Bosshard+ "Sound Bridge Bern in 1990," "Telefonia" in 1991, a simultaneous satellite-link concert (sound, video) between New York and Winterthur.

Jon Bewley+ and Simon Herbert+= Locus+ "...through collaborative relationships with artists and organisations, (Locus+) seeks to create opportunities and frameworks that are in response to artists initiatives".

Peter Pannke+ The Deep Listening® Catalog-- "Morungen - Songs from a Visionary Musical".

Eric Leonardson +and Steve Barsotti+ Performance Dates

Willard Van De Bogart +" If we are unable to keep our sense of wonder of being alive in the universe or unable to communicate our respect for all living things then we will have failed in our passage on this planet."

Installatrmance sound, The Kitchen, New York City and Ars Electronica Center, Linz, Austria. On March 12th through the 15th, 1997, sonic alchemists Bruce Odland and SamAuinger installed a Cloud Chamber - a laboratory for transforming the NYC soundscape into real-time ambient music of the Human Hive-at the Kitchen, 512 West 19th Street, between 10th and 11th Avenues, NYC.

"How do you reflect the changing nature of a physical soundculture in an unstable and globally active virtual domain? Thats your job as an artist!!!!!! You have been employed to solve such dilemas. Get to work!!!:-" " isea97 sound based web sites"


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