L e i f B r u s h 8/02

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'01 sketch

Intermingled standing waves are the essence of this windribbon v4.2 resource. Planned for 02-03, this monitor of phenomena's wind-SOUND "artifacts" will be DSP'd and contectualized via oncall 2-way-Internet windwitnessing.

A single triaxial sensor positioned at the main Windribbon node (T) has 3 analogue ins/outs. Eight potential standing waves caused by wind and trunk movements can have their vibrations passed around in either direction among adjacent strandage via bowed and clampable stainless steel "bridges" (( __) . Individual nodes may be dampened for listening to particular configurations. Any section requiring in/or/output mode may be de-coupled from an adjacent strand. Intermingled standing waves are the essence of this windribbon version. Total strandage will be devided among these eight Birch and Maple tree trunks . The recycled 1/2 inch brass, galvanized and stainless steel wires of varying gauges are to be used between tree pairs. The solar-powered, quad-FM- self-broadcasting (examples?) capabilities of v2.4 and the trees are also included in the projected Permanent Terrain Instrument construction.

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