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any international ears and those (of artists-in-the-public-domain) may listen to realtime extraterrestrial and earthly phenomena.

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Susumu Shingu's wind-powered four windmills has a generator that produced electricity and illuminated these sculptures in Sanda, Japan. The 21 scupltures are designed to be set up by local people and to cause no damage to the environment. An individual sculpture comes in a crate and becomes a small wind-power station with four windmills and a generator. Drawings # 1 & 2



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> "...significantly reduce the amount 0f sulfur; a key air pollutant, in diesel by 2010. "We are going to make that telltale black puff of smoke that comes from diesel engines a thing of the past," Leavitt said 5/04

>low-sulfer coal

>solar "...The amount of power produced is directly related to the area of the solar panels exposed to sunlight. For instance, the panels supplied by Australia-Wide Solar are 1600mm x 800mm and each generates 155 watts of power. On its own this is not a significant amount of power, but hook a group of panels together in an array and the power generated becomes substantial. Harrison's conservative estimate is that 10 155-watt panels will generate about six kilowatt hours a day... By Nick Galvin April 20, 2006

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>glaciers"...Greenland Rumbles Louder as Glaciers Accelerate" Ian Joughin, a glaciologist with the University of Washington's Applied Physics Laboratory. Climate Chance Breakinh the Ice, Science, Mar 24, 06 issue

Ian Joughin deploys a solar panel, battery and GPS receiver on an ice stream, one of the ways scientists monitor stick-slip motion of glaciers.

>llullssat Glacier Greenland "The Ilulissat glacier in Greenland, a UN heritage site considered one of the wonders of the world, has shrunk by over 10 kilometers in just a few years, in one of the most alarming examples of global warming in the Arctic region. by Caren Bohan,  The Ilulissat Glacier, a Wonder of the World Melting Away Published on Monday, August 22, 2005 by Reuters

>Ground water and drinking water "...The Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water (OGWDW), together with states, tribes, and its many partners, protects public health by ensuring safe drinking water and protecting ground water. OGWDW, along with EPA's ten regional drinking water programs, oversees implementation of the Safe Drinking Water Act, which is the national law safeguarding tap water in America."

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>Singing Icebergs
Dr Vera Schlindwein

Sustained harmonic tremor signals were recorded by the seismographs of the German Neumayer Base seismological network in western Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica. These tremor episodes, lasting up to 16 hours, were recorded up to 820 kilometers from the source. Their spectra show narrow peaks with fundamental frequencies ranging from 0.5 to 6 hertz, more than 30 integer harmonic overtones, and frequency gliding, resembling volcanic tremor. Frequency-wave number analysis suggested a moving source, which was recognized as iceberg B-09A traveling along the coast of eastern Antarctica. The most probable tremor sources are fluid-flow-induced vibrations inside the iceberg's tunnel/crevasse systems.


OCTOBER '06 "Nick News w/ Linda Ellerbee: Cheep Shots and Low Blows: how Debate Turns to Hate"


October '06 AT&T w/ babybells, Verizon, Qwest, MCI, BT UK, NTT Japan. SingTel Singapore

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email: "...could you give me cellphone/jajah-uses/examples?...

lb: June 07 GLOBAL'S - cellphone call for contributors

lb: Oct 21 '06 Norfolk Southern train derails in New Brighton Pennsylvania (what: 24 ethanol-laden tank cars spill over embankment, into and near the Beaver River) (how: large jpg still image & video with sound) (duration: 00:58 nytime minutes, realtime/archive BU okd) How do want credit? Your audio or text TAG OK?

lb: March 08 *


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2005 "... falling snow is more difficult to study.." Douglas Durian; "... flakes have a rare acoustic quality to absorb sound waves...all flakes are shaped differently... " Gilles Daigle to top


























Finnbogi Petursson

Using "pure" sound as his primary medium, Finnbogi Pétursson literally shapes his work out of thin air from its natural physical properties. Elemental in form as well as content, Finnbogi's starkly beautiful and powerful pieces capture acoustic phenomena in water, wind, metal, and fire . topside







entrepreneurial data watch challenge sites
POSTED June 07
Flambeau River Ladysmith Wisconsin USA
Project: metallics monitoring






























































Here, citing excerpts from AP writer, Jeff Barnard's July 07 syndicated report: "at 9,000 feet at the crest of the Cascade Range, the air is some of the cleanest to be found anywhere in the United tates. But each breath-especially in the spring-can suck in tiny amounts of pollution from China and elsewhere in Aisa."

According to windwitness, UW Bothell Professor Dan Jaffe, are "chemical fingerprints" flowing East to West and West to East. According to Jeff, the Natural Resources Defence Council's Barbara Finamore who heads its China program, said the United States has an obligation to help; "The U.S., has outsourced much of its manufacturing to China and therefore outsourced the pollution inherent in that manufacturing, and that is what is coming back to haunt us."