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UMD, Spring 2002 Art 3030 /5030 day & evening classes

Perth, West Australia Curtin University Citation return to your place

--SECTION-1- -12:-1:50 PM, M & W VK131; --SECTION-2-- 6:-0:00-8:40 PM, Th VK131

/ prereqs / class structure/ syllabus / project prospects / click here if 1st web page

/ workshop & demos / mid-term crits ; 6th week & ((final check list & final grades))

/ student projects UMDNet

Leif BRUSH expects you to be in class. email

























































//class structure

lst 3rd experimentation & familiarization

decide on what you want to do and figure out ways to work through your objectives

2nd conceptualize & implement your plans

3rd pull your whole project together as a an Internet & public multimedia presentation


// your class options are

X - for continuity, continue where you left off from last semester & incorporate 3-3030 softwares of your choice including video and sound components...

experimentation & software familiarization by February 27

y - start from scratch & incorporate 3-3030 softwares of your choice including video and sound components...

conceptualization & structuring plans by April 3

z - concentrate on streamable projects which incorporate 3-3030 softwares of your choice including video and sound components...

content organized and due dates

final day class presentations: monday, May 13 or tuesday, May 14 @ 2PM and both in VK 131

final night class presentations: thurday, May 9 or thursday May 16-both times @ 6PM in VK 131




















((((Preliminary grades will be posted here in mid-March---following individual in class crits.)))))

If you and I discussed your root folder, web pages and/or plans in class, either by email or regarding your contract, you can assume a passing grade at this time.

Otherwise, I have no grade for you prior to the break which followed the announced 6th week, midterm individual crits.




























Spring Semester 2002, Art in Technologies 3030/5030/5091
No incompletes will be allowed this semester.

Following your final presentation, you will be asked (a) to copy your root folder to a specific icon on a designated computer desktop in VK131.

(b) Hand in your brief summary:

INCLUDE the option you chose (x, y or z) an evaluation of your objective, goals and your conclusion.


...incorporated new technologies in the work you've done this semester...

The final grades are based on your having chosen and worked through a class option, your presentation, a brief summary paper and this Art 3030 curve.(recap of options)option x: identify the carryover aspects from the previous semester and summarize your evaluation of the results you've accomplished. option y: Summarize your process and results for each of the thirds. option z: Evaluate your thirds and the uses you could make of the streaming process. ) If you already received a grade for your webpage from last semester for work done prior to this class ---and while in THIS class---no multimedia elements were attempted or successfully integrated into your revised pages (option x), there will be no additional grade given. Be sure to cover specific- before & after - changes and additions to your web pages in your written summary.

Art 3030


points possible given for multimedia experimentation this semester

**still imaging= to 10 **3-D scanning & **Mavica DV camera= to 10

original (you did & created it yourself) :
**sound= to 15 (+editing)

**video= to 15 (+editing)

**still images= to 15 (+editing)

**pano (+editing) or object (+editing) .mov= to 25

any of the 3030 softwares incorporated into Dreamweaver, Flash, GoLive, Director, etc= to 15

**final multimedia project integration of 3-3030 media= to 35
**mid term root folder evaluation= to 20
**brief summary paper= to 25
**extra credit=innovation, special code project challenges, newly executed & planned work which we discussed = to 25




























/ Workshops / Demos

Karl Oman'S object device;

digital still & video cameras and editing; SoundEdit16/2; sensors, microphones, amplifiers; sound, sound effects, granular synthesis, surround sound; cassette audio recorders, analog, video & computer projectors

these will be announced via the class alias











































set up your individual midterm discussion via Email March 4, 6, 11 or 13th (or contact me in class)





























final check list








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