Limited equipment is in a pool for checkout by any UMD student with an ID card.

 When microphones and camera, mounted side by side, remain stationary, the sound information reaching the viewer far exceeds the visual information transmitted by the camera, even with a wide-angle lens. The inability of the viewer to see what he is hearing detracts from the value of the visual material available.

Reserve the hardware early for your semester needs (tip: once you know you are interested in any hardware reserve this as many times ahead as you are likely to need it & especially cover yourself in mid to late April-through May.)

This is an incomplete listing of what's available:

Reserve the object system in advance from their inventor, Karl Oman.

If you're focusing on sound projects this semester, contact lgb

Checkout Equipment Loan, 175 Library-726 6222

Panasonic digital video and still, VHS cameras, tripods, pano camera holder, and special lights

VHS mixing & editing deck

audio cassette recorders:


2-(demonstrated in L 409) ACR Marantz 2 speed (1&7/8 & 15/16ths IPS )

3- (demonstrated in L 409) ACR Marantz for telephone input

6- ACR Panasonic variable speed

3- ACRC Panasonic stereo

2- ACRR Duals w/builtin mic/RCA in

audio mixers:

1- AMX Shure 6 XLR ins


1- AA TOA 30w/8 ins

1- AA TOA 30w

microphones and stands:

5- (demonstrated in L 409)PZM MIC Crown

30- (demonstrated in L 409) MIC

15- AMST mic floor & table stands

phonographs (mono/stereo):





26- TP

cameras (digital):

9- Panasonics


36- LC & or VHRC & or VHSR



9- PM16


40- PSLP


12- VPMC

or from Koman

VR pano heads


Check out from Koman

reel to reel 4 track tape recorder (1)

reel to reel 2 track tape recorder (3)

audio tape recorder


mixer (2)

reel to reel 4 track tape recorder (1)

reel to reel 2 track tape recorder (3)

audio tape recorder

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